Friday, December 31, 2010

Starbucks in Bacolod

It is my first time at Starbucks in the city. I have avoided Starbucks when I am home because I often drink it in Manila courtesy of my British bosses. I would frequent Bacolod's prides Cafe Bob's or Kuppa (to name a few) because I could not find them in Manila.

But tonight, it was only Starbucks that is open and available as everyone is closing its business to prepare for the New Year's Eve Celebration.  So off we go to Starbucks for my usual frapuccino. So to make it more memorable, I treated my brother to Starbucks and bought ourselves the Christmas featured drinks to complete my missing sticker and get my 2011 Starbucks Planner. Oh yebah!!! Weehh!!!! Now, I'm ready for 2011...hahaha!

I chose the red velvet-y planner and I so love it... but I hate my peppermint mocha frappe. yuck!
Starbucks Planner 2011

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post Birthday Celeb

Nang Bambi was not able to attend my birthday dinner. So she treated me (together with my brother) for another dinner at Pepe's. Food was great, as usual. Then we ordered drinks (Blue Frozen Margarita) and ooh lala, there goes our world, spinning wildly we can't control it. So we headed to good ol' Cafe Bob's for a hot chocolate to subside the tipsiness.
All throughout the night, we were talking nonstop... from the time the food came and drinks followed up to the hot choco we're sipping. Just an update of our crazy lives while we were living it separately to at least get reconnected. Nang Bambs is like and has been a sister to me so she is one of the very few people I have been sharing most of secrets, heartaches and heart thumping included....

New Look for 2011

For almost the whole year, I have been yearning to change my look.  I have reviewed my college pictures and I have been wearing my long straight hair, either loosely, in ponytail or half pony.   I have gone through numerous of treatments just to improve the straightness of my tresses. And that's it.

With the onset of digiperm, I have somehow find the curly look lovable and carefree.  I mean, one could just let loose her hair and let the wind blow it and won't be bothered because being curly means being crazy all at the same time.  There is no such thing as "mahangin ba sa labas?"  But the price to pay for having your hair gone through the digiperm machine is really not manageable so it was a big dilemma.  So even when I went home for the Christmas vacation, I never got my hair permed.

Good thing my good friend and perm enthusiast, Kat, had hers on my birthday to a well known hairstylist in Bacolod.  So the envious me had my hair permed as well after so much encouragement from Kat and mom.  So after about 2 hours of the whole process, this is me with my perm.

curly top
And I love it.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Today, I'm 27

I'm 27 today.  Seems really old but it doesn't matter because I am at the point where I could say I have enough.  I have my family.  I have a lot of friends.  I have work and I go to school.  I am fulfilling my dreams.  But among other things, this year I risked it in love.

Birthday Roadtrip
Today, I met up with Ron to go to Guintubdan at his hometown in La Carlota. Yikes!  I know, it is my day and he should be doing the effort to visit me.  But I didn't really plan on anything for today.  All I wanted was to spend time with family and with Ron.  I have planned to go to Mambukal and just laze around but my family is busy with business that I could not drag them to the resort.  So it was Ron who persuaded me to go to La Carlota instead.

Loaded his motorbike, we drove about 30 minutes from his house to have a nature trip and have relaxing dip in the cold waters from the falls of Guintubdan which is located in the mountain area of the city of La Carlota.  Sad about the place though is that it was not maintained very well by the government.  Picnic tables are dilapidated and the rooms are not available for rent because it was not cleaned, no beds available and it is used as a storage area.  The falls in the middle of the mountains is the majestic scenery that would just capture you.  It would take about 10 minutes to hike down towards the falls but it was worth all the wait.  Cold waters enveloped my being when i took the dip.  When we were there, the place was empty.  All the more that I got excited because I could strut my bikini without  having the whole town scandalized and the people talking and staring at me. I just don't want to be stared at.  The place is not Boracay that people are used to people in Bikinis. It was awesome!  After about 20 minutes, we were joined by a group of teeners so Ron and I decided to leave... hahahaha!!!
We then took our lunch at a Chicken place where we had loads of food with a bill so small.  Waaaaahhh!!!  I love the life at the province.  Cheap but tasty food....the life!

Before going back to Bacolod, we went back to his place to just pay courtesy to his mom and sister.  Just spent time at their place, with a good massage from Ron.  :)  So that is my day with Ron and how we spent my birthday together.

Birthday Dinner
Spent the night with my family at a sumptuous dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Bacolod, Apollo.  I miss all the good recipes like Ox Tongue, Sepo, and Fried Chicken with chicharon.  So following tradition, I urged the whole family to celebrate with me at Apollo.  We went to the branch at 888 when the main branch doesn't have my usual favorites.  We have requeste the main branch to call up 888 to check availability of our order and we were assured that they would be able to prepare all of them.  When we arrived at the 888 branch, the food was prepared and we have all the place to ourselves.  It was like the place was reserved for me!  The waiters are accomodating and they were willing to take our picture... it was a good night.
Family Dinner - Bday
After that more pictures were taken at the big Christmas tree of 888.

So today, I am a year older.  I have aged but I know I am very much loved and blessed!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mom's Birthday Party

This year, with mom turning 55, it was a big birthday celebration.  Unlike prior years where mom would only sleep all day, treating herself with rest and then I would drag everybody to the spa for a more relaxing treat, this year, mom celebrated with his people of which the very sole reason of the expansion of her business. They have decided to hold the Christmas party of JHT Marketing on Mom's birthday for a double celebration.

So out are the food, the gifts and the karaoke.  Out are my brothers who played hosts to the party.  And out were the kiddie games played by kids at heart adults.  It was a fun and will be a remembered celebration.


Christmas Eve

Everyone was busy. Everyone was tired.

Mom was asleep the whole day after meeting (and exceeding) her target. Manong and Grace went out to buy groceries even if I knew for a fact that there would less malls and grocery stores opened because it is Christmas Eve.

So nobody was up to cooking food for the traditional Christmas Eve Dinner. So my brothers, Mel and Rex, got all the cold cuts in the ref and out was the pan and oil for a fast fry. I got all the possible drinks and viola, we have our Christmas Dinner. :)

Noche Buena

Friday, December 24, 2010

Fun Time at Bath

Saph enjoys taking his bath... i think he looks forward to it everyday. Evidence of that is the spills of water on the floor because he is kicking like crazy, excited about getting wet. As he sits in his throne in his bath tub, it is now a relief that he doesn't cry over taking his bath.  But one crazy thing about this little boy is that he stiffens when tap (cold) water enveloped his body.  He doesn't cry yet but you could see that he will become stiff like he is a frozen kid.

funtime at bath

Next summer, I plan to give him a swimsuit so that he is geared up to swim in a big pool. Uhmm, I think he needs a jacuzzi as he would be stiffening too when he is in a pool! :P

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Apple and her Babies

This is our very dear Apple, the husky, joined by her 6 little pups. It was so cool see her breastfeed and taking care of her babies. And even if there was a new face (me of course), she didn't show signs of defense... such a babe!
Apple and the bebes
Husky Trivia
Huskies originated from the Northern part of the world and they are used as sled dogs. Right they thrive in the cold. The name 'husky' is a corruption of the derogative term "Eskie", referring to Eskimos who came to Europe by land migration. Also known for having different colored eyes or heterochromia, huskies are commonly have brown or light blue eyes.

Apple Facts
Our Apple is blue eyed as per my brother.  And she is Philippine born so she is used to temperate climate.  She is initially my cousin's one of many dogs, and now she becomes one of Mel's well loved pets.  And 6 more mammals are in her cage as of the moment as she nurse all of them to be good pets for others (yep 5 of them will be released.. ).

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2011 Philippine Holiday

Fewer long weekends await Pinoys in 2011

(Updated 7:41 p.m.) With just a a few weeks remaining before the year ends, Malacañang on Monday announced the holidays for 2011. However, there will be fewer long weekends next year as compared to this year.

According to Proclamation No. 84, the following regular holidays and special days for the year 2011 shall be observed in the country:
A. Regular Holidays

New Year’s Day – January 1 (Saturday)
Araw ng Kagitingan – April 9 (Saturday)
Maundy Thursday – April 21
Good Friday – April 22
Labor Day – May 1 (Sunday)
Independence Day – June 12 (Sunday)
National Heroes Day – August 29 (Last Monday of August)
Bonifacio Day – November 30 (Wednesday)
Christmas Day – December 25 (Sunday)
Rizal Day – December 30 (Friday)
B. Special (Non-Working) Days
Ninoy Aquino Day – August 21 (Sunday)
All Saints Day – November 1 (Tuesday)
Last Day of the Year – December 31 (Saturday) C. Special Holiday (for all schools)
EDSA Revolution Anniversary – February 25 (Friday)
"Proclamations declaring national holidays for the observance of Eid’l Fitr and Eidul AdhaHijra, or the lunar calendar, or upon Islamic astronomical calculations, whichever is possible or convenient, will be issued after the approximate dates of the Islamic holidays have been determined in accordance with the Islamic calendar," Proclamation No. 84 says.
Fewer long weekends
Even though Proclamation No. 84 cites Republic Act No. 9492—which moves holidays, except those religious in nature, to the nearest Monday—Proclamation No. 84 returns the commemoration of holidays back to their original dates.
Only at least three holidays will give the public long weekends: Maundy Thursday and Good Friday; National Heroes' Day (August 29, the last Monday of August); and Rizal Day (December 30, Friday).
For students, there will be four long weekends after the EDSA Revolution Anniversary on February 25 (Friday) has been declared a special holiday for schools.
The public enjoyed 11 long weekends in 2010.
In a phone interview, chief presidential legal counsel Eduardo de Mesa said it is within President Benigno Aquino III's discretion whether or not to move holidays that are not religious in nature to the nearest Monday because RA 9492 says the said holidays can be moved "unless otherwise modified by law, and/or proclamation."
He said the legality of not moving holidays to the nearest Monday was settled when Aquino declared Aug. 23, 2010 (Monday) a regular working day even though former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo had moved the commemoration of Ninoy Aquino Day from August 21, a Saturday, to the nearest Monday.
Under RA 9492, holidays that are not religious in nature can be moved to the nearest Monday "unless otherwise modified by law, and/or proclamation." - KBK, GMANews.TV

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Losing our Year-end Bonus

Our only intention was to watch Little Women but ended up with a weekend full of unplanned activities and splurging on the whim.

I had myself picked up by Kat at the office and we drove all the way to Greenbelt 1 in Makati. It was a long drive with heavy traffic because of the festive season. Good thing we left QC early, we arrived just 15 minutes shy of the play time. We met up with another play buddy, Tina, and spent the fifteen minutes on devouring food from our pre-play place, Wendy's! Good thing we didn't choke.
Preparing for Little Women. Tina, Kat and I.

Little women was a stellar play!  The ladies who portrayed the March sisters were really into character, all of them gave justice to their roles.  I have watched the movie of this so I have a hand of how they were and understand the plot very much...but surely, the play was even more splendid!  And singing was superb!

After the play, we searched our way to the Ayala Triangle Gardens hoping for deserts and photo ops having read one blog about how festive the place is especially with the inviting lights of the season...but was dismayed that the place closes at 10pm. We were there around 11.

So to fulfill our craving for sweets we decided to hit the ever reliable party place, Eastwood. I was not up to drinking really, just good food and good talk so we decided to go for Starbucks but found the place so jampacked!!! It was as if everybody was there! After deciding to transfer to Starbucks, Petron, we passed by a Massage salon and out of nowhere Kat and I just decided to have an upper body massage! oohhhh la la for a spending spree!!!

Kat and I at Solemates

After falling asleep at the massage salon and paying our dues, we decided to hit good ol' McDonalds to give in to our cravings....but temptations have been ready to lure us away... we were again on shopping mode when we passed by tiangge after tiangge... we bought accessories and ooohhh!!! espadrille from none other than my officemate, Ma'am Mine!!!  I have been meaning to order one from her because she is from Liliw, Laguna yet we planned on it for next year and not buying off the rack!!!  but for the love of shoes, Kat and I had one pair each but of different colors.
With Ma'am Mine.  Espadrille in the plastic bag.

Finally, we arrived at Mcdo and ordered our coffee and desserts. Kat had their very lovable blueberry cheesecake while I got a cheaper nutty brazos. It was heaven even if it is just from McDonald's!!!
My McCafe treat.

Kat's McCafe treat.

After the treat, we headed for home.  Kat had bunked with me for the weekend and the usual us, can't stop talking, we slept at around 5AM.  Come the following morning, we started our day 1230PM-ish!  Yikes!! We decided to hit UP for a well missed UP specialty of Rodics, Tapsilog but was dismayed that we have to wait 30 minutes for the next batch of tapa to be cooked. Since we  our stomachs were aching and doing a riot, we decided to hit Katipunan and tried something new... we ate Buffalo wings at Chilli Wings and although we had our stomachs filled, it was our cravings and expectations left dismayed.... we kept on comparing the flavour and taste with Buffalo Wings and Things so it was surely is a disappointment.

solution to kat
Craziness at Chilli Wings

Next stop was St. Francis for Christmas Shopping.... no more pictures to testify the splurge... we were so focus on finding the best gifts that we forgot to take pictures. Hehehe!!! But i love my gifts especially to my brothers and my nephew.. getting excited on seeing their faces when they open them.

Then we decided to eat at the food court because we don't want to drive all the way from Megamall to Quezon City with an empty stomach. Food again..hahahaha!!! love eating really, aside from plays and shopping, this is one thing that I am not stressed about!!!
Kat's dinner at the foreground, my dinner at the background.

And so that is our expensive but fun weekend. Hope the expensive part doesn't come often...but fun, we sure want you.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

There is a Geek in me!

I have always believe I am a soft geek.


Been excelling in school for most of the time and often I hate failures.  Same attitude goes with work.  I want to EXCELL that's why I'm giving and doing my best.

So what better way to show the world but to strut out the geeky look.  Hahaha!!! Not my style and I look terrible in those glasses!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Come Together

The office gave Frank a special night, paying tribute to his contributions to Manila Water for the past 10 years. The current and previous Mancom were all present. The two past presidents of Manila Water, Sir Tony Aquino (now Ayala Land's President) and Energy Secretary Rene Almendras,  were Frank's dearest friends.   Likewise the Ayala Brothers, Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala and Fernando Zobel de Ayala have graced the event.

The party, named "Come Together", was themed after the beatles, Frank's favorite band. All the tables are named with the band's album while Frank's picture was edited into the Beatles Band tarpaulin. All the songs were Beatles. The best part: food was delicious and overflowing.

It was an emotional event. Tears fell when the AVP played showing Frank, and vid messages of some people he has worked with. And more tears fell when Frank gave out his speech. I have expected this to happen knowing Frank being one of the most sensitive men I know. He himself broke his momentum when he somewhat choked on the tears he has been refusing to shed.

After the formal program has been done, it became much more fun as people started dancing and photographers are going everywhere to take pictures. The managers, although dressed in their cocktail and semi-formal do was up to putting their hair down.

It surely was a fun night and has made Frank special.

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Just before going home, I decided to check out SM North for a cute costume for Saph. Since it is halloween, it would be a good time to dress up the baby with something cute and funny.

It was an ordeal looking for a costume for a 2 month old. And a more difficult one for boys since there are less to choose from unlike for girls where ballerina tutus are just all over the place. From the toys section, they only have for 6 mo old babies and up.

Good thing I found these overalls with hoodie in a cow design. It was perfect!!!

So here is our Cow(boy) Saph, looking pretty good and ready for trick or treating.
Cowboy Saph


This was his overalls when he went to Cadiz to visit Graze's part of the family.. he really was a star!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Todos Los Santos 2010

This year I got to spend time with my family for Todos Los Santos.

Had a day at home with my two younger brothers and mom as Manong, Graze and Saph went to Cadiz (in his costume). Just spent the day watching TV, eating good food and camwhoring.

In the afternoon, we decided to hit Bacolod in search for a good massage.. But everything is closed. Daig pa niya ang Christmas Day!!! Good thing we didn't lose hope...we decided to go to McDonald's in Lacson just to see its newly renovated interiors... we walked from our jeepney stop (Doctor's Hospital) going towards SJI (Kat Kho's alma mater) and then going to 6th St. And we are still lucky seeing Calla Lily open. After inquiring we got out of Calla with a reservation for the whole family for a 9PM massage.

After a treat from yours truly at McDonalds, we all went home to prepare to go to the cemetery.
Like any typically Filipino family, we brought pot luck food and had a picnic by the tombstone of Lola (mom's side) while chit chatting and updating with my cousins, titos and titas. It was like a mini reunion of sorts... It has been years since I got to see all of them... some of which have their own little kids...time really is so fast!!

About 8:30PM, my family pack up and left the Hernia clan to have a soothing and relaxing massage at Calla.. =) just luuuve it!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Home for the Halloween!

Home sweet home!

Arrived at Bacolod at 6AM. After 2 glasses of cider from Pino, I went home to change and prepared for a trip home. At the airport, I had one or two hours of sleep while waiting for the plane and another 30 min or so at the plane. So when I got home I was so high and felt like floating but my eyes are already in a state of upheaval.

with lil SaphHow could I go to sleep if this little boy greets you?!?! And food (CRAAAABBSS!) that you so missed a lot have been served. The familiarity of the place you have grown and outgrown fills you like a drug that keeps you awake.

But around 8AM, I found myself crawling in bed and was sleeping like my nephew Saph...

Two months since I saw this cute angel, now I got to finally hold him... a bit bigger and a hell lot cute. :)

Happy Halloween!


My version of's halloween tweaking!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Sobrang cute lang na gawa ng kaklase sa Masteral.  Kaya ipopost.  Happy Halloween everyone!!

happy halloween

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sheena's Birthday Surprise

Tom and I (and with the help of Frank) gave Sheena a birthday lunch. Yesterday, I told Tom that we have to give Sheena a treat. The question is how to to ensure that she would be coming in. So I emailed and texted the boss at UK to text Sheena that someone will be coming over to get some important documents and thus she needs to come to work.

I got worried that she didn't came in in the morning. So I emailed her my greeting and reminded her of "Frank's Concern".

It was around 12NN when Sheena came in frantic because she thought she was late of a supposedly meet-up with a visitor. So when she arrived, I went to Tom and we are on our way to pull up the surprise.

Tom said to Sheena, "Cmon, lets go!"

Looking flustered, she was at a loss for words when Tom repeated the same invite.  I think that was the only time Sheen felt silent after so being talkative since I got to know her.  And then, I approached the two and told her the same thing and that's when she got the idea that there was no meet-up. It was all just a plan.

So we took her to Chateau Verde in UP but found the place closed. So we decided to take the 2nd option which was Dolcelatte.

Nice food, nice desserts, nice ambiance... everything nice!!! and oh! a whole lot of stories from Tom... that is Sheen's 24th Birthday...

Happy Birthday Sheen!!!
Sheen's Birthday

Poor us, we have to settle with my phone camera because we forgot to bring our cameras.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Cupcakes Heaven

It was planned for 2 days.  The deliberation as to whether to push it was more than the time spent for planning.  But the ultimate factor is that we don’t want the old man to feel that people has changed.  That people doesn’t want him anymore.  And I don’t want him to feel that the new man is more important than him.  Nothing beats the greatness and the wisdom of the old guy.

So just when we decided on putting it off and pretend that we had nothing for the old man, they gave the surprise for the new man’s birthday. So it was a emergency.  I was already in a panic texting and emailing Sheena and Tom of how we could do it in less than 2 days.

The Plan
            A lot of ideas came up until we decided on the seemingly easiest and less expensive.  The Cupcakes.  The plan was to give Frank 62 cupcakes from 8 till 5.  And we are to build a cupcake tower to symbolize his cake made of the 62 cupcakes he would receive.  So at every hour or so, groups of people per department come in at Frank office to greet him and give him a cupcake...courtesy of Sheena and I who were decorating cheap cupcakes at his pantry.

So at the end of it, we requested his wife to give the final cake which was a 6 in chiffon cake that we ordered and placed at the topmost part of the tower.  When his wife came it was when we started singing the Happy birthday song and the floor joined us like it was a natural thing.  Then we loaded the presentation we made and it was a sure hit. We had asked the Department Managers to use Frank in a sentence (regardless of meaning) and a lot of it were so funny... and the ending was a parade of Frank's pictures and how he has contributed to the company.

I don't know if he was teary eyed or if he cried at all but I for one got up in the middle of the presentation because I was welling up.  Then we feasted over the pancit which magnificently arrived just in time... ah.. it was really in the nick of time... so as the forks and plates that we requested Tom to bring.

It was a blast and it surely made Frank's day... mission accomplished!!!
Frank's Cupcake Bash

Saturday, October 09, 2010

October is the Hardest

October is the hardest month of the year.
Money.... this month is my poorest... high bills but same money.. hahaha!!  So I have been hibernating at my house during weekends so as not to spend on food, transportation and won't feel any self pity because I could not buy the cute dress hanging by the window store..Hibernation also give me chance to finish the hell of the demands in my hands.

Last week starts the hell of October.  I have been juggling my work as a Technical Assistant to the new Operations Group Director, doing work for my future position which is Project Environmental Compliance Manager under Mark Mulingbayan.  I am also going through the FM School and we are now at the last leg of the classroom lectures and we are now having our immersion in the facility we are assigned to.

And school is about to end.  Last week, I had 2 assignments, a written exam and an Machine Problem.  I only sleep two hours per day.  This week, I have a final exam and a final Machine Problem.  And I know I will sleep only two hours per day again..

I don't know how much of this my body could handle... Let alone, how much I could tolerate... Sometimes I'm wondering why I have to deal with such dilemma when I could just walk-away.  Maybe I'll start doing that.. walking away. 

Sunday, October 03, 2010


Time really has gone way too fast...

Just awhile ago, I have browsed through my photos in multiply and realized that life is really meant to be enjoyed and I just did that.  Can't help the smile as I looked through albums after albums and reminisce in the good old days.  I wasn't saddened that everything is fleeting and temporary because the memories and the friendships I have are with me and will be forever with me...

And everytime, I got no money and complaining that I'm poor, I always come back to this memories...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Saph at 1 Mo

How time really fly so fast... Saph has turned a month old... what a cute angel...
Saph, angel
soon, he will be reminding us that we are old.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Boracay Part Uno

We booked the Kalibo flight months months ago... then a month before the trip, our Air Phil flights got cancelled. They have suggested that we take an Iloilo flight instead but after alot of bargaining, we got rebooked (the same day and destination) but this time our carrier is PAL. What a blessing!!!

Sept 17, 2010
The day was chaotic with FM School revalida giving me a nervous wreck. I have 5 one on one interview of our learning for an almost 1 month of Thursday lectures.  Then the written exam was given in the afternoon and I almost plead to Maycy that I take the exam early... Good thing I did told her that I'm leaving early to catch a flight (destination unknown to them), she allowed me to take home one of the written examinations.  When I got back at my workstation, I just went to Frank, gave him a bear hug and a kiss as he is also leaving for New Zealand for a vacation.  

Left the office around 2PM to catch a 435PM flight.. Yikes! Cold sweats all over me as we are caught in traffic after traffic not to mention, the very slow taxi that my brother and I were in.

Good thing we got Business class tickets so amidst being at the airport 30 min before the flight, I got in and was then directed to Mabuhay Lounge... food served while we chit chat, killing time waiting for our plane to arrive.  It was my first time to actually ride in the Business Class.  I was too excited, I texted Frank of the experience as that is just a normal thing to him...

Touchdown at Kalibo around quarter past 6PM. We then loaded a van that would bring us to Caticlan. From Caticlan we loaded a huge bangka to bring us to the islands of Boracay.

We then went to La Carmela de Boracay as Jo's family are staying at the hotel.  They got an upgrade for free and could accomodate 3 more... La Camela is relatively cheap especially for big groups.  After settling, we then hunted for our food. As usual, we hit D Mall for burgers..hahaha!!!  Afterwhich we walked towards Station 1 to start camwhoring..hehehe!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Masteral Is Fun

Today, together with Ryan and Eyna, we spent our Saturday at UP Campus assessing the quality of a stream by visual inspection.  We followed a stream starting from accross NEC then going towards the lagoon and then UP Checkpoint!  For the love of Jun Ba! (note sarcasm here!") and for the fear of failing...

maputik, ma-higad, madamo, malamok... naliligaw, tuliro, pawisan, mabaho.... these are things not shown in the pictures.. dahil kahit mahirap, masaya lang talaga ang masters..heheh!
Masteral is fun

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Saph Rafael Angelo Real-Tribaco


I'm a proud tita of this very cute baby named Saph Rafael Angelo Real-Tribaco.  Saph was born last August 29, 2010 just in time when Mel and I went home for the long weekend.  Born at the Riverside Medical Center, Saph was a champion amongst his peers, topping the weighing scale at 8 lbs, 1 oz.

So cutie but it was a labor for his mommy, Grace.  Grace had contractions in the evening of Aug 28.  So we decided to bring her to the hospital around 11PM.  But Saph only got out past 2PM of August 29.  Poor mom (really long labor!) and dad (who worried and had no sleep).  According to my cousin, Dr. Mary Rose Hernia-Lao, they have to induce Saph's coming out (using forceps, sorry I'm not medical so I really don't understand).

saph with proud parents

It was a great weekend... finally got to see my first nephew... Congratulation to proud parents, (Manong) Rolan and Grace.

Hopefully, when I come back in November, its his Christening!

Frank's Big Heart

It has been nature to Frank to help.  A big heart, a cheery demeanor, and a saint's soul, he is very affectionate to children.  His small ways of helping were not usually known at the office and it would be a previllege when he would share with you how much he has worked with his charity.  His family has always been generous to the Kanlungan (  Even before Julia and Jonathan have left for UK, their family have shared blessings and time with them.  And through the years, they have continuously give to Kanlungan in any way possible.  Frank not only has two kids, but with Kanlungan, Frank and Esther became parents to these children.

Last year, Ma'am Esther, Frank's wife launched a cookbook of desserts and has sold copies (at the office, friends and loved ones) and all of the funds earned from the book were donated to Kanlungan.  This year, Ma'am Esther has another book of home cooking.  Gastronomic recipes that would surely make your mouth water and have you crave for more.  

Now that the Christmas Season is here, we hope to help Kanlungan through Ma'am Esther's recipes.  Below are the book details

Esther's Home Cooking

60 Recipes
Eastern and Western delicacies
Book cover attached in this email
Copyright 2010
800 php only J

Excerpt from Esther Beaumont

I am truly blessed. This is my second attempt at writing a recipe book. My first was based on my biggest passion – baking, and in this book I’m honored to be able to share my home cooking with you. I’ve always enjoyed cooking from a very tender age and am constantly seeking healthier alternatives to classics that we find comfort in.  I am Malaysian Chinese married to Frank from Yorkshire, England.  With the influence of his culture and the blend of mine and a few favorites from our travels, I hope you will find the recipes in this book interesting and delicious.

It was Kanlungan that gave me the reason to write my first book and now my second. It was clear to me then that is was God’s plan that I came to know of this Ministry which I could be part of and work with to glorify His name.  I am privileged to be able to donate all the proceeds from these books to Kanlungan for further development of their homes and services. I am truly blessed with this opportunity.

If you are interested to share your blessings to Kanlungan through this book, kindly message me here or email me at

Thursday, September 02, 2010

(SAD) Announcement

Frank's Movement

Sad anouncement..but as I told Frank, I'll take with me the wisdom towards this movement..this changes.



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hard Times

The problem begins with me.  I hate saying goodbye and I have a hard time with changes and letting go.

Once again people are leaving… me for that matter gets to be left behind.

Last Monday, in the All Manager's Meeting, the president, Gerry Ablaza, announced that my boss, Frank has decided to retire and the new Operations Group Director will be Sir Ding Carpio.

I was stuck in my chair as I heard my boss say that it would be hard for him to leave, not because of work or the place but because of the people…Everyone was in standing ovation when he finished… He was teary eyed.. I on the otherhand, kept my composure as friends were asking me if I have known about this all along…

It took me by surprise of course as the final announcement has dawned on me.  I have an initial hunch that Frank will be retiring soon because of age and maybe he'll just wait for the Technical Service Agreement to be over so I was guessing that he's going back to UK around 2012… and that's it.  I was even envisioning myself preparing to explain to him reasons of leaving the company for good… or why I'm not going to accept the stocks that would be offered to me when the time comes that I get promoted to Associate Manager.  I was prepared that I will leave the company before he does.

Little did I know that there is more to it than his retirement.

Manila Water has decided to end the Technical Service Agreement with United Utilities early and will be effective December 31, 2010. Frank will have to step down from the position (Operations Group Director) and will be a technical adviser to the President and Sir Ding Carpio until Dec 31, 2010.

This was because Mitsubishi challenged Manila Water during the bidding of the UU Australia project.  Mitsubishi pointed out that how could Manila Water ensure its capabilities when in fact it is UU that handles the operations of Manila Water and not Manila Water itself.

So there goes Frank and Tom, due until Decemeber 31, 2010.

I think between the two, Frank is ready to leave..turning 62 this year and I've kept hearing his plans when he'll retire.  Tom on the otherhand is not ready to go or leave the country just yet as he was still processing the adoption for Maya.  And he can't just leave his family and his kid which would make the adoption process even more complicated. 

As per Tom, this issue was being discussed and has known to them since July.  And even before RDA, the former president of Manila Water, left to take the position of Department of Energy Secretary, he was was proposing to Tom that if in case he wants to stay in Manila Water, there is an attractive compensation package for him… For sure it would change their Financial status but at least he could be with his daughter until all the legalities are done.

So after the AMM, it was in the afternoon that Frank went into his office after several meetings.  Just as he entered, I went into his room and just gave him a hug and was not able to help myself and cried like a baby… I was telling him that I was so surprised with the news and I don't want him to leave.  And so he had me sat down and explained the reasons why…

He was I guess prepared for it… he was telling me that he would be there as long as people wants him to be… as you know, people change and as they have no need of you, they give less importance to you… and as you do less for them, they will pay no attention to you… which is a very true nature of people.

He was telling me of his plans after Manila Water…and the first thing that he would do when he comes back to UK is get me a plane ticket going there and I could visit him and he would let me stay in his home while I'm there… of course, I was glad to hear him say that but then I'm not hoping for it and I won't really mind if he won't fulfill it since I understand he won't have much money coming his way unlike before that he is employed.  But I'm thankful for his considerate words and intentions.

And then he filed a leave for Friday and Monday and he was gone again.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Agosto 18, 2010
20th Year Anniversary ng lovebirds Frank at Esther Beaumont
Frank and Esther
Frank and Esther Beaumont, making me believe that love is a wonder!

Beaumont Family
Frank and Esther with daughter, Julia, and son, Jonathan.

Agosto 19, 2010
27th Birthday of my beloved sis and close friend, Ma. Ricili Saldua-Villanuava
vigan with ice
Ricili and I at Vigan

From this Day Forward

I'll try to be happy...

for the blessings that I have...

for the people that surround, friends, colleagues, because I am loved

for the learnings that I got...because I'm not stagnant

for the responsibility that is in my hands...because I have work and I'm a daughter, a sister, a friend.

for the triumph and success...because I'm good, even better..

for the sweat, tears and blood that drops...because I work hard...

for every breath, because I'm alive and loving.

I'll try to be happy for Frank... :)

Yehey for Free Movie Passes!!! Boohoo for the Robinson's Movie World!

I got free movie passes for Step Up 3 from Robinson's now that its QC Day, my brother and I thought that it would be a good time to spend the free movie tickets while school and work is off... so we went to Robinson's Galleria... after killing time, about 2 hours, we found ourselves denied of entry to Cinema 4 where Step Up 3 is shown as they are claiming that Robinson's Galleria is located in Quezon City!!!

Oh shit! Where have this people been all this time...Robinson's Galleria is in Mandaluyong or Pasig but not in Quezon City!!!

And so me and my brother just went home with just great bonding and a disappointment that we didn't catch Step Up 3!

Thank God for Manuel L. Quezon

Finally, got to rest in the middle of the week.  Thank God for Quezon City Day! Thank God for Manuel L. Quezon, the man behind the celebration.

If during highschool, I dread this day because I will be required to strut my Filipiniana costume as the school will be celebrating the Linggo ng Wika, I embrace this day and await for it to come when I went to UP... as the campus is located in Quezon City, thus no school day!! And now that I'm working at Balara, I have been up and watching the calendar every year for August 19th to book a vacation somewhere...

But this year, I'm just grateful for a non-working holiday!  I got to rest today, slept until 11AM and got to bond with Mel (which is another post) and got to do some chores that I have been putting off for awhile...

So having a very sad and tiring week, I am so happy for today...And thankful for some change..

Monday, August 16, 2010

Beerkada Complete Day 3

August 15, 2010.

Shopping day today.  We hit Greenhills and searched through their items for shoes, laptop case and shirts shirts shirts... Don't have money that day, so I was left to just look.  Pity me... owel...Still saving saving saving my millions.

After Greenhills, we went to SM MOA to kill time.  Len and Boy decided to watch a movie while I'll go to CCP for CATS the Musical featuring Lea Salonga.

Around 6PM, while the two are sipping their coffees, I hailed a cab going to CCP and met up with Kat to watch CATS!!!

Cats Baby!!

The show, based on the Old Possum's book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot and music by the theatre master Andrew Lloyed Webber (who is the man behind  Phantom of the Opera).  Amongst the popular songs was Memory which for this play, was sung by Lea who portrayed Grizabella.

Personally, I enjoyed the performances, all the dances and movements and singing.  but the problem was that  I sometimes could not understand the lyrics of the songs.  Lea was superb.  She played  Grizabella, a former Glamour Cat who lost her clout and sparkle, and now only seeks to be accepted by the Jellicle Cats society, whose members are all waiting to be reborn into a new life.  Her voice is so distinct and the words are well pronounced. No wonder she was awarded of a Tony.

After Cats, Kat and I headed back to SM MOA to meet up with the girls.  Found them sipping another batch of coffee from Starbucks... our last night...I'll surely miss them both.

I'll miss ya girls!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Barkada Complete Day 2

August 14, 2010.  Len, Boy and Reg Hits Manila Ocean Park
len and reg @ manila ocean park
After a disappointing trip to Victory Cubao Station as we planned to go to Subic, we headed to Manila Ocean Park.  It was a blast... less queues and still the same amount of fishes..hahaha!!!  I finally got to buy my ref magnet!!

reg and boy

And we also got to see Imelda Marcos amongst the people who are eating in the restaurants of MOP.  If not for the guards, I could have requested for a pic with her... talk about being jologs.. but then, she's ancient.. I might not get the chance again..

trio at manila ocean park

We also tried a yogurt stall in MOP wherein you get to mix different flavors of yogurt and toppings then they'll get the weight and viola, you're poor again..hahaha!! But it was a nice concept.

Boy Len and Reg hits Intramuros
After Manila Ocean Park, we rode a cab towards the Intramuros.  Our first stop was San Agustin Church.  And the leveling shots starts... ang saya.. Amongst us is Rica Peralejo looking through the museum... this time around, I'm detaching myself from my jologs nature as Rica is just Rica except that she is artista but so what?!?!
len and reg at san agustin churchleveling
Us three at the San Agustin Museum

After San Agustin Museum we decided to hit Intramuros for further photoshoot.  Me and my friends are surely camera addicts.. But that's our way of bonding and making memories together.  So here we are at the Fort Santiago as we visited Rizal and friends when they were in this horrific of a place.
trio agen at fort santiagotrio at fortsantiago

len and reg @ fort santiagocanyon

Meet up with the Family
After Fort Santiago, we went to Glorietta to meet Frae, Rafael and Family.  A sumptuous dinner was shared by all... yum!!

dinner with the solanchos