Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thank God for Manuel L. Quezon

Finally, got to rest in the middle of the week.  Thank God for Quezon City Day! Thank God for Manuel L. Quezon, the man behind the celebration.

If during highschool, I dread this day because I will be required to strut my Filipiniana costume as the school will be celebrating the Linggo ng Wika, I embrace this day and await for it to come when I went to UP... as the campus is located in Quezon City, thus no school day!! And now that I'm working at Balara, I have been up and watching the calendar every year for August 19th to book a vacation somewhere...

But this year, I'm just grateful for a non-working holiday!  I got to rest today, slept until 11AM and got to bond with Mel (which is another post) and got to do some chores that I have been putting off for awhile...

So having a very sad and tiring week, I am so happy for today...And thankful for some change..

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