Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Results

Finally got my results.. hays..ang olats..need to improve stats.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Enggfinity Fun Run

To cap the physical fitness weekend, I joined the Enggfinity Fun Run by the Engineering Student Council.  UP Engineering is celebrating 100 years so the run is just one of the many activities in the college..

enggfinity run
Grad friends running

Ran the 5k race and finished it with more that 40 min..hahaha!!!  More walk than run, I guess...But the weekend was surely a success for me, as waking up at 5am, dragging myself to Engg, and having a body that cries from pain from the climb, it was a wonder how I finished the race and still manage to be up and early for work the following day.. talk about Determination, baby!

More fun runs for sure!!!  jogging is such a blissful hobby!! I wish!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Diana becomes a Mother

Last Sunday, 3 adorable puppies joined our kennel of shih tzu when their mother, the family pet Diana, gave birth.  Going through 6 hours of labor, with only 1 casualty, it was a success to see 3 beauts, snuggling near their mother to get warm.
3 Bitches
Motherly Diana

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mt. Purro Test Climb

For today's work, we did an ocular inspection at Mt. Purro (Marikina Watershed) for our treeplanting activity this coming Saturday. Amidst the weather (rainy with fog, may bagyo kasi) we reached the top of mountain, drenched in mud, sweat and rains. It was a tiring experience but as they say, when you reach the top, you would say that the view is worth it and the next problem would be is the trip going down. 

living in the mountains

Going down was uberly terrible.  If it took us 45 minutes going up, an hour and a half was spend going down.  It was really really slippery, I fell on my ass once and called unto the Lord a million times.  Add to that a lot of screams when i almost-slipped which is a lot .  I went home with my sneakers, socks and lower legs of my pants all wet with mud and rain.  The rest of me are drenched with rain and sweat combination.

It was a great experience and I would redo all of it this Saturday during the real tree planting. Hope we could make it!
Manila Water's Guinea Pigs

Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm quite excited for this half of the month's payday.  Because I have zeroed out my balance since the last week, I have been borrowing money from my brother to make ends meet.  And note that I only borrow the minimum that I could spend to continue on being stingy and "living only with my means"...not that I really don't have money, I actually have more that enough stashed away but I don't want to start withdrawing from my savings because if I do, I would just easily do it any time without any need.

I am excited for the next payday. As I have  bills to pay(of last month-yikes!!), need to buy new office  shoes (my shoes are breaking into pieces, I don't know how it withstood me still using it), stock cupboard with grocery and save save save.

Also, I will put my credit card into a long rest as this was a major cause of my excitement for the next pay day:  paying my credit card bills.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Feeling Good About Helping Out

Every time I go out for to help, I have that some thought of someone up there just gave me a pat at the back.  Just like when I volunteered to build houses at Calauan.  The stroking heat didn't stop me nor the stenching sweat and the calluses that I might get from doing hard labor.  I was happy...

Last year, Christmas time, my batchmates at work decided to spend our time in a Sunday School for kids from poor families.  We played and taught them.  We sang songs, they danced, we gave gifts.  And it felt great.  Again, i felt that pat from someone up there.. I was happy.

So I thought, maybe volunteering gives me a high.  And I need that high...it gives me a purpose.

I'm volunteering...
hands on manila

Terribly Busy

I'm working terribly hard for school now... almost there but not quite yet.  I have tougher subjects this semester so I have been using my time wisely for work and school. I sometime do school work at the office, bad as it may sound.  But then, I have to squeeze it in just to finish what is required of me.

And though I seem to be very busy, I make it a point that I open my weekends to any invitations coming my way.
Once again, I'm doing programming. Probably one of my hatest in college, I could kill just to avoid this subject.  Just when I thought I got over it, here I am doing it again... all the while I thought grad school is for fun, who am I kidding?!?  But I'm not quitting, not anytime... and I'm actually thinking of studying more.. maybe not in my field but other interesting things... like maybe autocad or something...

just some thoughts...