Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oyster Mushroom For Sale

We are selling good quality edible oyster mushrooms in 100 g and 200 g. Kindly Contact Mel Tyrone Tribaco (034) 4951648 for your orders.  This is based in Talisay City, Negros Occidental.  

Benefits of Oyster Mushroom
Oyster mushrooms are nutricious and delicious. It is rich is Vit. B Complex, C and protein. Calcium, phosphorous and iron content in oyster mushrooms is twice the amount in beef, pork and chicken. Vitamin B3 in oyster mushrooms is 5-10 times higher as compared to any other vegetable.

For individuals who have problems in cholesterol, this could reduce your cholesterol level. It is good for those with hypertension, obesity and diabetes, because it can form part of diet for it is low in sodium, potassium, starch, fat and calorific value.

Oyster mushrooms can be a nutritious daily diet for people of all ages.

Php 30 for 100g
Php 60 for 200g

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Because most of the groceries in my cupboard are about to expire, I thought of cooking pasta. We used to do tuna spaghetti during Silab gatherings because one of the alumni, Tessa, is a vegetarian (but she eats fish). So I call this recipe TST or Tuna Spaghetti for Tessa. Although during college, it was just a simple recipe, I added some stuff I could find in the cabinet and gave it a good mix. :)



1 can Century Tuna flakes in vegetable oil
8-12 button mushroom - sliced
4 pcs hotdog - sliced
1 500 g pack Spaghetti Sauce
tomato sauce
5-7 cloves garlic minced
quarter of a normal sized onion - minced
dried basil leaves
salt and pepper
Penne Rigate (depending on how much you will eat)
Grated Cheese

Cook pasta according to package instructions. Set Aside.
Boil hotdog in small amount of water until all the liquid has evaporated. Set aside.
Use vegetable oil from canned tuna to saute garlic. Add the onions and continue to saute. Add tuna, be sure it is in small bits already. Add hotdog and mushroom and continue to saute.
Add 1 pack Spaghetti Sauce and a little of tomato sauce. Ensure everything is well mixed. Add basil leaves and salt and pepper to taste.

Serve with grated cheese on top.

Spag Mixed

Saturday, January 15, 2011

2kgs lighter!

Had my weigh in again (while waiting for the anesthesia to do its wonders) and I lost 2 kgs!!! That's 4.4 lbs!!! Oh yeah!!!  So I have to keep my regimen (physical and mental exercise + healthy diet + stress) as it is working me fine!

But, according to Mon, the scales are not standardized.  I had a weigh in at the province before I left for Manila just to see how much I gained over the holidays and how much I should shed.  So with different scales, he said, it might give a big difference.  So to make Mon happy with his theories, I would do another weigh-in at the end of next week at the clinic.  More to shed!!!!!

For Sale: Human Nature Products

Hi Everyone,

I am selling organic beauty products from Human Nature.  All organic and chemical free!!!

Human Nature products are produced by Gandang Kalikasan.  It employs GK (Gawad Kalinga) residents working on their Organic Farm in a GK community in Bulacan.  With its principles of Pro Philippines, Pro Poor, and Pro Environment, each Human Nature product provides prosperity to the Philippines through a sustainable livelihood to our poor brothers, protecting the environment while enhancing the inner beauty of each Filipino.

Human nature

I have posted the products at my mulitply site:  Hope I could hear from you regarding your orders.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Warts Free and Vanity

I went to the clinic today and had my warts removed through cautery. Not because I am vain (or maybe that's a small part of it) but I'm taking advantage of my HMO benefits which will end this month.  The company renews it every February so for last year's, I have not spent on anything being all healthy for the year. So before the card gets renewed, I did a little spending regardless people would think I am being vain.

Warts are cause by a virus so it easily spreads in our body.  According to Doc Jonathan, the virus causing facial warts is of the same specie that causes cervical cancer or was it just cervical warts... ok so I'm not paying attention..hahaha!!! But he recommends that I get the shots for Cervical Cancer which has been offered at the office at a discounted rate.  That I have to save up because it is costly even at discounted rate.

I have been through the cautery procedure and this is my 3rd time... I know the routine... But I could not help but be a little nervous wreck and cautious with the aftercare which this time Doc Jonathan did not prescribe any unlike my dermatologist back in the province.  :(  (I know, this is vanity speaking now.) I'm just scared of scars so I have to think and follow all preventive measures and advices during my last cautery (which is ages ago) and keep my hands off because as of this writing my face is getting itchy as what Doc Jonathan has described as an after effect...

Argggg!!! Totally pure agony!!!  And my face and neck looks like it is full of moles!!!! hahaha!!! 2 weeks and this stress is over!

Crossposting Announcement


This was sent to everyone at the office today... Yipeee!!!! Finally, everything is official.

Lock Up Chaos

Once again and for the nth time, I got locked up in my own house... I left the spare key in the house while misplaced the keys I am using.  Yeah, talk about being burara and tanga.  But unlike many circumstances that I got lock up, I usually just go at the back of the house and open the back door through a window.  And that's it, I'm inside.  But antoher stupidity that I did was locking the bolt at the back door as well confident that I have a spare key stached in one of the mess near the front door.

So exasperated and defeated, I called on help on the neighbors and good thing I live in a neighborhood with friendly residents.  So they got out all the tools and had the door knob knocked out. And am back to my cozy home...but I hurriedly went to Ever Gotesco and buy another knob as replacement.

Poor me!  I shouldn't have wasted my money on such things if I just always remember to bring my keys.  :P

Friday, January 07, 2011

4th Installment of my Birthday Celebration

I never expected for a treat from the office for my birthday. But Tom and Sheena was persistent. For the Brittish, birthdays are meant to be celebrated. So Sheena, Tom and I had lunch at the Chocolate Kiss. I wished Frank was with us but then...

It was also saying goodbye to Sheena who will be leaving the company in a few days time. She just needs to finish with Frank's papers so she was extended a month more.

It felt happy and sad at the same time since Frank has gone and now Sheena. But amidst that, Tom made sure I still would have my birthday treat... Yikes! I'm reminded that I'm old again!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Frank Came Back

Frank came in the office today.  He needs to sort out his accounts, stocks and whatnot.  It was good to see a cheery face in the middle of stressed working people.

But because he emptied out his office before the year ends (as his official day of retirement), he squatted at Tom's office to do his paperworks.  And even if he is no longer my boss, I am as eager as before to help and assist the old man.

Afterwhich, we (with Bea) loaded the CRV and went to Capitol Ville to meet Luke and Shang. And Frank treated us out for pizza and pasta.  Food was loads, we didn't even finished everything. And after a lot of stories of how our Christmas Celebrations went, we pack up and went back to the office and Frank went home.

That was it.  Frank came back. But not for good.  But I know, that's not the last we got to see of Frank. With his experience in the water and wastewater industry spanning for about 46 years, he will be just taking a short rest and he will be back in the game again... maybe as a consultant or a water company owner... no one knows. :)

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

How much to go home?!

I have been in a crossroads for so so long.  The bond at work is over, there is nothing to tie me down.  I don't have any reason to be here. Then getting back to UP for a Masters Degree came which had me a reason to stay.  

Now, I am at a dilemma.  After this semester, I could go LOA and find work elsewhere.  I have been applying for work overseas.  Also I have been scouting for work back home.  But it seems, they are not ready for me yet.

Last night, while doing my job hunting, I came across a cadet engineer vacancy at Hawaiian-Philippine Company, Inc. in Silay City.  Silay is just next to our place going North.  And without thinking, I clicked the apply button.  Act of desperation.  Totally!

I know the risks.  It means saying goodbye to a salary that is substantial.  It means back to zero with my career. But in doing so, I could be coming home.  I am with my family and with my loved ones.  I going back to my life.

So how much should I risk in going home?  Home much in exchange for a chance back home?  How much to go home?

Sunday, January 02, 2011

new year's list

A new year means a time to correct and improve our lives.  It means second chances. So I'm drawing up my new years resolution... a list of second chances.

1)  I have gained a kilo over the holidays.  I need to shed it off.  And I need to go healthy as well.  I'm up to going jogging at least twice in UP and grab my jump rope for more exercise at the house...

2)  Visit relatives at Parañaque house... and make it more frequent.

3)  Save. Save. Save. And spend money wisely...

4) Pray. Pray. Pray... and I need to go to mass regularly.

5) Eat the good stuff.  Drink the right way.

6) Love. ♥♥♥

And I'll have friends that make me laugh while doing all of them.

I know 2011 will be a good year!

New Look

I went home last night to a chow chow that is almost bald.  It was a pity and a relief all at the same time.  It was a pity because the cut is poor but I know that the old hair has to be out.  It was a total relief because it is almost a year since Aurora had a haircut.  Since her failed pregnancy and complication, Mel never had the interest for our dog.  So Aurora never had the chance to get any grooming.

So it is a good start for Aurora.  New cut, she has taken a bath and she is ready for 2011...hehehe!!!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 had me Singing hello goodbye (by the Beatles!!!)

I would like to believe that it is never too late to write my traditional end of year blog.  For four years now, I would like to make a recap of the year that was.

Work has been good and cruel all in the same year.  Firstly, I got promoted to Associate Manager and had an increase.  Not much as I expected it but something to be thankful for.

I also got in the Facilities Management School Program of the company and was previleged enough that Frank was my boss and he has good persuasion skills.   Not that I need to have some strings pulled, as my credentials are as qualified as the other candidates, its just that the path I am also optioning is quite opposite to the FM School objective. But all I wanted is to learn and get my gear up in the game so there I was and up to now, strutting to become a future Facility Manager.

I am also handling my future position of Environmental Compliance while juggling work as Frank's Technical Assistant.  Was able to meet most of my targets and quite relieved that before the year end nothing was at pending.  I just hope to be good at it and learn all about the job as it could be a good freelance job someday if I would pursue a career as an Environmental Engineer specializing in Environmental Impact Assessment.

Many people has come and joined the company in 2010.  Sheena came in as Frank's Executive Secretary replacing Ma'am Edna.  Also Admin Assistants like Ria and Maedhey joined departments Environmental Planning and Sustainability Department and Safety Solutions Department Respectively.  More people came in as plant managers both at Water Supply and Wastewater likewise in other departments in Operations.  However, a good friend and colleague, Lea Siy left the company which is a brave act considering she is one of the best performers and in the best position in the company.  Hope I would have her guts as well.

Big changes overwhelmed me in 2010.  Frank's retirement was announced in the middle of the year.  And Sir Ding Carpio was announced to replace Frank.  I was devastated as I was losing a very good boss but later I realized that it is part of the changes that is constantly happening.  Frank may leave but he will forever be a good friend.  With Frank's retirement, I developed to be an events coordinator.  With 3 successful parties celebrating his contributions and bidding him farewell, I surely gained skill and knowledge in through the biggest and grandest parties.

2010 had me see the world.  I was able to go to 4 international destinations namely Macau, Hongkong, Singapore and Malaysia.

It was good bonding with my sisses Jiji and Icile and good friend Kat when we hit Macau and Hongkong.  I was able to strut my cold weather clothes as well.  Macau and Hongkong also taught me to maximize time yet not be disappointed if you won't be able to finish the itinerary.  If you're tired, the body has got to rest.

Family bonding to its finest when Mom, my brother and I was able to visit our relatives at Singapore and had a tour of the city country.  It was Mom's and brother's first out of the country so it was also a memorable trip.  Unlike Macau and Hongkong where we followed an itinerary, this time, I relied on the thousand of brochures at the airport. It was a good thing as this trip was so relaxed although tiring too especially if there are a lot of walks.

Malaysia was a trip shared with my sis and Silab batchmate, Chris.  It was a disaster initially because Chris' camera got stolen from her bag at the airport.  But amidst that it was a good vacation as we have really enjoyed seeing places after places in Malaysia.  This time, we relied on the good ol' internet with only just selecting the good and popular sites and just hoping to be back again soon for those we have not visited.

2010 also was a great year going around the country.  Holy week was spent in a road trip with sisses Ellainne and Icile when we went to La Union, Vigan and Pangasinan.  It was a trip to remember as it was Icile's last Philippine vacation.  May, Kat and I was able to witness Pahiyas and had one of my wishlist done...Kat and I joined a tour going to Lucban, Quezon and had a grand time seeing houses decorated with kiping and fruits.  It was really great.  Also in the same month of May,  I was able to hit Nasugbu in a company outing with great colleagues at Manila Water.  We formed a group named "5 or less more than 1" of which are people from departments whose members are of the title.  Because these departments are so small we decided to pull our funds together and have a company outing of our own. It was great bonding too! In July, I was able to hit Baguio when I instantly joined my Taguig friends in a less than a day trip at Baguio.  It was short but fun!  I was back at the sand and water of Boracay in September with my officemate from Taguig.  Was able to also spend time with colleagues assigned at Boracay.  I was able to go and visit my relatives at Cagayan de Oro at the end of November when I went with Sheena when she was scheduled to go home to her province in Bukidnon.  I had a grand time doing white water rafting, hit Macumba for Margarita, slept at the van going to Bukidnon and had a grand tour of CDO-Bukidnon and El Salvador.  I'm really blessed with very generous relatives who gave me a grand vacation.

Also I was back at Bacolod four times this year and all for significant events.  The April 9 long weekend was a great homecoming as my brother scheduled their civil wedding on that same weekend because they know I am coming home.  My end of August weekend was a more fabulous homecoming because on that weekend, my nephew Saph was born and  I was sure glad to be home.  November, I was home for the All Souls Day holiday and was able to hold Saph for the first time.  It was also great to see Ron after the two of us being official.  And my latest vacation of course was this Christmas Season.  It was a significant one because I got to spend time with family, with friends and loved ones.  I also had a grand time at Guintubdan falls and seeing the southern part of Negros when Ron and I had our roadtrip. :)

The family is getting bigger now.  Manong is married to Graze and has now a son, Saph Rafael Angelo.  Amidst the problems we remained strong and intact.  The business is really on the bloom, sometimes it is overwhelming.  Mel has returned home in the middle of the year and decided to continue school at the province.  He was also committed to help mom with the family business.  He was also able to make business on his own with dog breeding and growing and selling mushrooms.  Rex is helping out with mom's business as well.

With me alone in the metro, and more and more low fares from airlines,  mom and Rex frequently visit me here at our home in Manila.  So amidst being lone, I am not lonely.

I continuously excel at school as I fulfill a dream of finishing a Masters Degree.  Although it was hard to juggle work with school, I surprise myself semester after semester as I get good grades and finishing tough subjects with flying colors.  Now I'm at my last semester of course work and will be doing my thesis soon!

I was able to hit the ceiling of our WASSLAI this year.  It was truly a big sacrifice as I need to raise my savings every month to just hit my target for the year.  But it was rewarding especially when I was able to receive my dividends at the end of the year.

I risked it in love this year.  Was able to forgive fully a person that has hurt me and that forgiveness I have nurtured into trust and love.  Ron and I are officially together.  And I am hoping for a healthy relationship that is stronger and full of love.  :)

2010 had me saying hello and goodbye.  I have seen more than the Philippines but continuously discovering our beloved country.  I have said goodbye to colleagues but has said hello to new ones.  Most especially, I have said hello to love.  It was a great year and I was truly blessed.

Now, I'm looking forward to rockin 2011 with more hellos, love and lesser goodbyes.  :)