Saturday, October 19, 2013

Love is a Decision

Ron is once again in the Sanitarium. Stroke. Mild, but at his age, it is alarming to actually have it. As I watched him at the ER, his left body numbed, his speech at a half slur, I could not imagine how I was still standing there. I am about to marry this man. Am I prepared for the worse? Or maybe perhaps, your question is, have I stayed, or have I flown free while I had the chance?

Yet, I stood there. Watched him. Listened to the doctors. Waiting. I held his hand from time to time. It was more of strengthening me than me encouraging him.

It was an easy thing to go. Love, above mercy or duty, made me stay. Because I know, even if I leave, I would never be happy without him. I am ready for what is beyond. Health, weakness, tragedy and joy, as long as he holds my hand, we can overcome. I am ready for marriage. I am ready for a life with him.

Less than a month now, we will say our I Dos. I am in no apprehension. I am in no doubt of my decision to stand before God with Him. I love him. THAT IS THE DECISION.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Tips on Bidding Foreclosed Properties with Unionbank

So after winning at the property bidding with Unionbank, I just feel obligated to share some tips I learned from the bidding. I will divide my tips into Before, During and After bidding.

Before Bidding
1. Do Due Diligence. This is a no-brainer tip. Acquiring a property involves money and of course we don't want to put to waste the money we earned with our sweat and blood.  Check at the location site and see for yourself what you are buying for. Know the topography and elevation of the area. you wouldn't want to have a property which is flood prone, it would take a toll on you in the future.

2. Check the copy of the title of the property at the local Registry of Deeds. Titles are a public property and you could request a photocopy with a fee. This is to check on the Encumbrances at the back of the title. Unfortunately, it take 2-3 working days before they release the copy.

3. Prepare your show money. At Unionbank, bidder has to prepare Php20,000 per property he wishes to bid. This money will be collected when the bidder won the property. Other banks will require you to have manager's check of do a deposit before bidding. Always inquire with the nearest bank of their show money requirements as this may be one reason that others get disqualified during biddings.

During Bidding
1. Don't be late. Bidding usually starts on time. And bidding on a property takes only minutes. You wouldn't want to miss on the opportunity of acquiring the prime lots. When we attended the bid, the bidding only took 20 minutes. While we were filling up forms, another couple arrived to bid (they were after Priority Lot #1 as well). yet the bidding was over. If they have come, they might have won our property as the guy partner was a foreigner.

2.  Do Computations while Bidding. Compute for the total price and price per sqm of the property you are auctioning. Foreclosed properties are usually of lower value, and we are after that opportunity. But as bidding continues and prices climbs, it is good to check the price per sqm to check if the value is still viable.

After Bidding
1. Read the contract. So you have won, Congratulation! But you are not fully committed to the property unless you signed the contract. READ it. If you are ammenable to the terms written in the contract, sign it.

2. Know your capacity to pay.  The bank will offer you the term of payment. You could have it as short as 3 months or as long as 10 years. The longer the term the higher the interest. 

*Note, Unionbank does not allow the use or any improvements in the property unless it is fully paid, so unless we fully pay, we can't build our home. This is one of their terms which is beneficial to know when you read contracts.

3. Submit other requirements. The bank will require other requirements like IDs and other documents they wish you to sign. As for Unionbank, we were required to submit post-dated checks based on the payment schedule.

4. Follow the payment schedule. If you want to avoid penalties for late payments, follow their schedule. Fund your checking account to ensure that the checks you submitted have funds. This does not only avoid you from bank penalties but also an estafa case.

I hope you guys, got a thing or two from these tips. If you happen to join a property bidding, share your experience in comments below.

Happy investing everyone!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Our first bidding experience

Ron and I attended the bidding of foreclosed properties listed at Unionbank at Business Inn today. We are about to get married and planning where to build our love nest is in the bag. We are eyeing for 2 possible properties listed for bidding.

Note that a week before today, we have visited the site and we found that among the 6 properties listed in the same area, we like these two lots because of:

1. Lot size. The priority lot #1 is 600 sqm while priority lot #2 is 450 sqm. I think these are lot sizes spacious enough for me to have my garden.
2. Elevation. Among the lots listed both lots are unlikely to be flooded because it was away from the nearby stream. As you all now,  water would naturally flow to a body of water nearby.
3. Proximity. What I like most of these two lots is that it is close to the main road of the subdivision. As a matter of fact, Priority Lot #1 is alonh the main road of the subdivision.

Among others, we really want to acquire a lot in the said subdivision because the price per sqm is only at 1300Php. Comparing to other subdivisions, lots are already sky rocketing at 2000Php (minimum) while others could go as high as Php 7000 per square meter.

When we arrived at the venue, another couple was there as our competitor. The bidding officer waited for another 15minutes before starting to wait for other bidders to arriv but there was nobody else.

Funny about this bidding is that, both parties are after the same properties. I guess the other couple also did their due diligence. They auctioned property #2 first. We are fighting neck to neck with it while i was computing the price per sqm on the side. When the total property value reached a million we stopped and the other couple won.

I thought all the while that since they already got a property, they will no longer bid for Property #1 (600sqm). But we thought wrong. They once again bid against us. But good thing when the property value reached 930,000, they stopped bidding, saying they can't afford the monthly payments of two properties considering that the values have changed already. So we won the property.

Amidst the increase, I still think that we got a good deal at approximately 1500Php per sqm.  

So yeah, we are property owners now! Of course, after we finished off with our payments. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Filipino, Wikang Pambansa

Below is a speech that I wrote for Buwan ng Wika Celebration of Bubog Elementary School.

Sa mga mag-aaral, guro, at opisyal ng Bubog Elementary School, isang Magandang Umaga sa inyong lahat!  Ako’y nagagalak at ako’y naimbitahan sa inyo selebrasyon ng Buwan ng Wika.

Wika, isang importanteng paraan para tayo ay makapaghatid ng ating alam, karunungan, balita at impormasyon, ang ating saloobin at damdamin.  Sa pamamagitan ng wika tayo ay nagkakaintindihan.  Ang pagkakaroon ng isang wika na naiinitindihan ng lahat ay nakakatulong upang tayo ay magkakaisa at upang magkaroon ng isang mapayapang kumunidad.  Ito rin ay nakakatulong upang umunlad bilang isang bansa.  Kung kaya’t nararapat na ating pahalagahan ang ating wikang Pambansa, ang Filipino.

Tayo ay isang bansang may iba’t ibang dialekto.  Tayo dito sa Negros ay nakakapagsalita at nakakaintindi ng wikang Hiligaynon.  Cebuano naman ang dialekto ng ating mga kapatid na taga Cebu, at ibang probinsiya sa Mindanao.  Ilokano naman ang salita ng mga taga Ilocos, at Waray naman ang salita ng mga taga Samar at Leyte.  Isa tayong bansa pero hindi natin naiintindihan at nabibigkas ang dialekto ng ating kapwa Pilipino.  Kung kaya, napakahalaga na magkaroon ng isang wikang Pambansa, ang wikang Filipino, upang mapag-isa at magkaintindihan tayong lahat. Ang wikang Filipino ang nag-uugnay sa atin upang tayo’y tumungo sa isang direksyon bilang isang bansa.

Ang Filipino, ang ating wikang Pambansa, ay isang pagpapatunay kung gaano katingkad ang kulay ng ating kasaysayan.  Ito ay kaluluwa ng ating bayan.  May maririnig tayong salitang Intsik, Malay, Espanyol, Ingles, gayon man ay Nihonggo at ang bagong uso ngayon ay gay lingo at Koreano.  Nagpapatunay ito ng ating kasaysayan at impluwensya.  Hindi ba’t tayo ay nakikipagkalakal sa mga Tsino at Malay gayun din ay sinakop ng mga Kastila, Americano at Hapon?  Natanggap na rin n gating lipunan ang mga bakla at tomboy kaya’t malaya na silang nakakapagsalita at nagkaroon pa nga ng gay lingo.  Ang ating wikang Pambansa, ang wikang Filipino ay hinubog ng panahon, at isang repleksyon kung paano tayo hinubog bilang isang bansa, isang mamayang Pilipino sa pagdaang ng maraming panahon.

Ang Wikang Filipino, higit kanino man, ay dapat bigyang halaga nating mga Pilipino.  Sabi nga ng ating pambansang bayani,  Jose Rizal, “Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika ay higit sa hayop at malansang isda; kaya ating pagyamaning kusa, gaya ng inang sa atin ay nagpala.”Ating  ipagmalaki at ipagbunyi ang ating pagiging Pilipino.  Mahalin at pagyamanin ang ating wikang Pambansa, ang wikang Filipino.

Success by Henry Sy

“There is no such thing as overnight success or easy money. If you fail, do not be discouraged; try again. When you do well, do not change your ways. Success is not just good luck: it is a combination of hard work, good credit standing, opportunity, readiness and timing. Success will not last if you do not take care of it.”  - Henry Sy

Henry Sy is the richest Filipino in the Philippines as to this writing and is an inspiration.  He is a true story of rags to riches.  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tying the Knot

I'm getting married.

I can`t really remember how Ron and I agreed to settle and tie the knot. There was no sweet and heartfelt proposal, there was no youtube worthy bend on one knee guy asking girl, the latter saying the big yes. All I could remember the night at the crossing while we were waiting for my work transportation to pick me and he whispered the words, "Lets get married", and I replied, “Sure. If we ever get married, I want it on Nov 12. I think its cool to get married on 11-12-13.” I was just playing around. I never thought he gets serious about it.

Today, Ron is coming over dinner to ask for Mom's blessing. I HOPE SHE AGREES. 🍻

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Quitter, I'm not a total Expert

Working at Coke is laborious in the true sense of work. Coming from a company where I was already delegating and managing people, it becomes a shocker in my part to be a beginner again.  Why do you ask did I agree to start all over again?

When I was starting at Manila Water, I was challenged everyday because there is so much to learn... work was never work because it was like a bigger school, your thirst for knowledge is quenched each day that you come in. I was a beginner at that time, it was my first job, and I was not over my scholarly attitude yet. LEARNING was my drive.

I brought that mentality to Coke, I took the challenge of learning the ropes so that some day, I could swing myself to higher grounds.  BUT in a manufacturing set-up, everything was a routine.  You do things the same way each day.  You bark the same bark, maybe louder, but yeah.. same bark. And it gets boring as day passes by.  And at my age and experience, it was a depressing note to do same tricks again.

I'm turning six months in the company doing the same routine week after week.  The only challenge I still was not able to conquer is getting my social life back likewise the travel bug seemed to evade me since I became a Tiger. So I'm in a dilemma again... should I stay and be consumed by the uncomforting routine or should I hang up the red shirt and jump into the unknown once more?

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

BPI gives 3% rebate to EPS users

One of my strategies in building my millions is maximizing what my bank could offer me.  Discounts and rebates equals savings which could add up to my purchasing power or my future retirement fund.  Discounts and rebates are usually small but for me, every peso counts.

Just recently, BPI announces that with using your ATM card, one could get 3% rebate with his purchase as long as it is of minimum of 2000Php.  In using their Easy Payment System (EPS), you could actually purchase without cash.  IT is like using your ATM card as a debit card. 

I use EPS in doing my grocery, in eat outs or paying my phone bills and often than not, I end up buying 2000Php worth of goods or even more.  So the 60Php (or more) rebate everytime I spend, is a trickle to my glass of millions.

The maximum rebate BPI gives is 600Php or paying 20000Php for a purchase in a single receipt.  I want to note that the spending should be for necessities and not just on the whim.  Just a tip, subdivide your purchase into different transaction receipts if your total is over 20000Php so you could have more rebates.

To claim your rebate, send a SMS with the following format MX ON EPS-REBATE (space) Card Number/Transaction Date (MMDDYYYY)/Transaction Amount and send to 2800 for Globe/Touch Mobile, 216 for Smart/Talk N' Text or 2288 for Sun Cellular.  Promo period is from March 15 - May 31, 2013 and you could redeem until to July 31, 2013.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Location, Location, Location

You may find this post as a cliché. But the right location is one factor you must consider in putting up your business for it to be successful.

IF you have a site found, equip yourself with these areas of concern.

Foot Traffic. How much passersby go to that site? Passersby, are potential customers. If a population frequents your site, they would be your customers in the future.

Competition. Research on the big and small players in your area. What is the advantage of your location? Is the site overpopulated with the same business as you wanted? It also helps if you are the only business in the area catering to such need. You could actually monopolize the market.

Accessibility to Transportation. Is there a terminal nearby for customers? Does the public transport go by your site? You wouldn't want your customers hire a taxi or a tricycle just to go to your store just to get what they need. And most of all, customers don't want to haul their bought goods from your place to the nearest street where there is public transport. You want your business to be convenient as possible to your customers.

Demography. Is your site located in a posh subdivision? In a public market? A mall or a school? Knowing these helps you understand the type of customers you will have, likewise their purchasing power.

Location plays big in a business especially for those who are still starting. Being in the right place gives you an edge. Get seen with just being there in the best location.

I am a Businesswoman

I have started a business just after I came home from Singapore.  It was timely because I was bumming around and I was desperate of finding my interest of what I really want to do.

I opened a grocery last June although I have no background with business nor have I taken business subjects in College. My experience is limited. I used to sell flowers every Sunday to Church goers when I was small when my mom was still growing roses and anthoriums. I opened my online shop with multiply a few years back. But that's about it.  So who would thought I would take on the challenge of opening business as complicated as a grocery?

But I didn't jump into the opportunity right away. I researched and consulted with friends who were in the business. I searched and read through websites regarding my project. I absorbed every info I could get to equip me with a new battle.

So I decided to open this blog to share with you some learnings I have gained over the past nine months.  I am not yet an expert and I am continuously learning. Join me in my journey.

I am now an entrepreneur. I AM NOW A BUSINESSWOMAN

Hot and Spicy Tuna Carbonara

One of the many things I love about my boyfie is his love for food and his love for cooking up good food. So for our 30th month, I requested that he cooks me his famous tuna carbona.

I was his assistant preparing ingredients and standing close by while he was cooking so somehow, I know his secret. I would like to share his big bite from his kitchen.

Tuna Carbonara photo 2013-03-29174149.jpg

400 g pasta (fetuccini, linguine, etc)

500 ml all purpose cream
250 ml evaporated milk
2 cans of hot and spicy tuna flakes in oil
1 small can sliced bell button mushroom
1 stick butter
Salt to taste
1 big red onions, minced
6 cloves garlic, minced


1. Cook pasta according to package instruction. Drain and set aside.

2. Suete onions and garlic in butter. Add mushrooms and saute for another 15-20 min or until mushroom is soft.

3. Add tuna, and cook until light brown. Add salt to add taste to the mixture.

4. Add cream and evaporated milk. Add salt, pepper, thyme and rosemary herbs to add in flavor and taste. And simmer for 5 minutes.  Remove mixture from fire.

5.  Fold in pasta into the carbona sauce and ensure pasta is well coated.

6. Sprinkle cheese before serving.

Homemade Choco Peanut Butter Cups

I grow up loving Reese's peanut butter cups. So after finding a recipe mimicking the famous dessert, I thought, why not do it and fulfill a craving.

So here goes the recipe:

1/2 cup           peanut butter
2 tbsp             butter
1/2 cup           confectioner's sugar
1 1/2 cup        semisweet chocolate, chopped coarsely
1/4-1/2 cup     all purpose cream
1 tbsp              melted butter
Salt to taste

1. Combine peanut butter, butter and salt in a microwable bowl. Set the microwave on high and soften the mixture for 30 seconds. Make sure the mixture is not melted.

2. Stir in the confectioner's sugar and set aside.

3. Melt the chocolate in a double broiler. Add all purpose cream and the 1 tbsp butter.

4. Spoon melted chocolate into lined cupcake or macaroons tins, whichever size you wish. Follow with the peanut butter mixture and finish off with the chocolate.

5. Refrigerate until hard and ready to serve.

An Update

It has been awhile since I have made a post.. I have been lazy or should I say I find myself uninteresting all of a sudden.  BUT WHO CARES? I realized and remembered that I started blogging for myself. So that someday, I would read back through my life and relive every moment written.  If somebody takes notice, it is only secondary.

So I'm still in Smiletown, Bacolod. But I have joined the rat race again. I joined Coke last November 26th as a Quality Assurance Specialist in their Kanlaon Plant making Viva Natural Spring water and it has been 2 weeks now. So far so good.  Tiring but I'm learning. I think that was what I hungered for.

I was timely to join the company's Christmas Party with the Bacolod Plant and it was an experience to see the fun side of my new family.

Its too early to say really.  I look forward to oearning everyday.. But I don't know how long I would tolerate the long distance travel and I find the work very routinary.

Lets just wait and see.