Friday, October 15, 2010

Cupcakes Heaven

It was planned for 2 days.  The deliberation as to whether to push it was more than the time spent for planning.  But the ultimate factor is that we don’t want the old man to feel that people has changed.  That people doesn’t want him anymore.  And I don’t want him to feel that the new man is more important than him.  Nothing beats the greatness and the wisdom of the old guy.

So just when we decided on putting it off and pretend that we had nothing for the old man, they gave the surprise for the new man’s birthday. So it was a emergency.  I was already in a panic texting and emailing Sheena and Tom of how we could do it in less than 2 days.

The Plan
            A lot of ideas came up until we decided on the seemingly easiest and less expensive.  The Cupcakes.  The plan was to give Frank 62 cupcakes from 8 till 5.  And we are to build a cupcake tower to symbolize his cake made of the 62 cupcakes he would receive.  So at every hour or so, groups of people per department come in at Frank office to greet him and give him a cupcake...courtesy of Sheena and I who were decorating cheap cupcakes at his pantry.

So at the end of it, we requested his wife to give the final cake which was a 6 in chiffon cake that we ordered and placed at the topmost part of the tower.  When his wife came it was when we started singing the Happy birthday song and the floor joined us like it was a natural thing.  Then we loaded the presentation we made and it was a sure hit. We had asked the Department Managers to use Frank in a sentence (regardless of meaning) and a lot of it were so funny... and the ending was a parade of Frank's pictures and how he has contributed to the company.

I don't know if he was teary eyed or if he cried at all but I for one got up in the middle of the presentation because I was welling up.  Then we feasted over the pancit which magnificently arrived just in time... ah.. it was really in the nick of time... so as the forks and plates that we requested Tom to bring.

It was a blast and it surely made Frank's day... mission accomplished!!!
Frank's Cupcake Bash

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