Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Saph at 1 Mo

How time really fly so fast... Saph has turned a month old... what a cute angel...
Saph, angel
soon, he will be reminding us that we are old.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Boracay Part Uno

We booked the Kalibo flight months months ago... then a month before the trip, our Air Phil flights got cancelled. They have suggested that we take an Iloilo flight instead but after alot of bargaining, we got rebooked (the same day and destination) but this time our carrier is PAL. What a blessing!!!

Sept 17, 2010
The day was chaotic with FM School revalida giving me a nervous wreck. I have 5 one on one interview of our learning for an almost 1 month of Thursday lectures.  Then the written exam was given in the afternoon and I almost plead to Maycy that I take the exam early... Good thing I did told her that I'm leaving early to catch a flight (destination unknown to them), she allowed me to take home one of the written examinations.  When I got back at my workstation, I just went to Frank, gave him a bear hug and a kiss as he is also leaving for New Zealand for a vacation.  

Left the office around 2PM to catch a 435PM flight.. Yikes! Cold sweats all over me as we are caught in traffic after traffic not to mention, the very slow taxi that my brother and I were in.

Good thing we got Business class tickets so amidst being at the airport 30 min before the flight, I got in and was then directed to Mabuhay Lounge... food served while we chit chat, killing time waiting for our plane to arrive.  It was my first time to actually ride in the Business Class.  I was too excited, I texted Frank of the experience as that is just a normal thing to him...

Touchdown at Kalibo around quarter past 6PM. We then loaded a van that would bring us to Caticlan. From Caticlan we loaded a huge bangka to bring us to the islands of Boracay.

We then went to La Carmela de Boracay as Jo's family are staying at the hotel.  They got an upgrade for free and could accomodate 3 more... La Camela is relatively cheap especially for big groups.  After settling, we then hunted for our food. As usual, we hit D Mall for burgers..hahaha!!!  Afterwhich we walked towards Station 1 to start camwhoring..hehehe!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Masteral Is Fun

Today, together with Ryan and Eyna, we spent our Saturday at UP Campus assessing the quality of a stream by visual inspection.  We followed a stream starting from accross NEC then going towards the lagoon and then UP Checkpoint!  For the love of Jun Ba! (note sarcasm here!") and for the fear of failing...

maputik, ma-higad, madamo, malamok... naliligaw, tuliro, pawisan, mabaho.... these are things not shown in the pictures.. dahil kahit mahirap, masaya lang talaga ang masters..heheh!
Masteral is fun

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Saph Rafael Angelo Real-Tribaco


I'm a proud tita of this very cute baby named Saph Rafael Angelo Real-Tribaco.  Saph was born last August 29, 2010 just in time when Mel and I went home for the long weekend.  Born at the Riverside Medical Center, Saph was a champion amongst his peers, topping the weighing scale at 8 lbs, 1 oz.

So cutie but it was a labor for his mommy, Grace.  Grace had contractions in the evening of Aug 28.  So we decided to bring her to the hospital around 11PM.  But Saph only got out past 2PM of August 29.  Poor mom (really long labor!) and dad (who worried and had no sleep).  According to my cousin, Dr. Mary Rose Hernia-Lao, they have to induce Saph's coming out (using forceps, sorry I'm not medical so I really don't understand).

saph with proud parents

It was a great weekend... finally got to see my first nephew... Congratulation to proud parents, (Manong) Rolan and Grace.

Hopefully, when I come back in November, its his Christening!

Frank's Big Heart

It has been nature to Frank to help.  A big heart, a cheery demeanor, and a saint's soul, he is very affectionate to children.  His small ways of helping were not usually known at the office and it would be a previllege when he would share with you how much he has worked with his charity.  His family has always been generous to the Kanlungan (  Even before Julia and Jonathan have left for UK, their family have shared blessings and time with them.  And through the years, they have continuously give to Kanlungan in any way possible.  Frank not only has two kids, but with Kanlungan, Frank and Esther became parents to these children.

Last year, Ma'am Esther, Frank's wife launched a cookbook of desserts and has sold copies (at the office, friends and loved ones) and all of the funds earned from the book were donated to Kanlungan.  This year, Ma'am Esther has another book of home cooking.  Gastronomic recipes that would surely make your mouth water and have you crave for more.  

Now that the Christmas Season is here, we hope to help Kanlungan through Ma'am Esther's recipes.  Below are the book details

Esther's Home Cooking

60 Recipes
Eastern and Western delicacies
Book cover attached in this email
Copyright 2010
800 php only J

Excerpt from Esther Beaumont

I am truly blessed. This is my second attempt at writing a recipe book. My first was based on my biggest passion – baking, and in this book I’m honored to be able to share my home cooking with you. I’ve always enjoyed cooking from a very tender age and am constantly seeking healthier alternatives to classics that we find comfort in.  I am Malaysian Chinese married to Frank from Yorkshire, England.  With the influence of his culture and the blend of mine and a few favorites from our travels, I hope you will find the recipes in this book interesting and delicious.

It was Kanlungan that gave me the reason to write my first book and now my second. It was clear to me then that is was God’s plan that I came to know of this Ministry which I could be part of and work with to glorify His name.  I am privileged to be able to donate all the proceeds from these books to Kanlungan for further development of their homes and services. I am truly blessed with this opportunity.

If you are interested to share your blessings to Kanlungan through this book, kindly message me here or email me at

Thursday, September 02, 2010

(SAD) Announcement

Frank's Movement

Sad anouncement..but as I told Frank, I'll take with me the wisdom towards this movement..this changes.