Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finding a Father in Frank

So last weekend, I was out with my friends and colleages at the Taguig BA. I got Frank's permission to go with them in the afternoon of Friday.

First thing Monday, at the Flag Ceremony, he was mouthing (Yep, I was lip reading), asking about the weekend outing. Since he was afar, I also mouthed my words back saying I really enjoyed it a lot.

And later in the afternoon, he called me into his office and after discussing business matters, he made me tell him how the Taguig Outing went. He was inquisive of details of what we did, where we stayed, or did I miss, at the very least, enjoy the company of my Taguig friends. He was even concerned that I was assigned in a room with 14 people (included 6 guys) with only 2 beds.

It is quite overwhelming that somebody not related to you, or somebody not in your level (mentally, financial, socially) is taking time to know how you were and how your days went. =)

Bi Polar?

Yesterday, I am in cloud 9, so high I couldn't get enough of smiling and feeling good. Today, I feel like I'm in deep shit.

Yesterday: Straight from the horse's mouth
After discussing things I have gathered in the main office on the Curayao and San Rafael Treatment plants, I stood up to go back to my cubicle... midway accross the room, Frank called me back... And he said, "Just so you know, you are doing very well. And it is not only me who is saying so, so is Ma'am Edna." And that great big smile appeared again and was plastered in my face. I told him my thanks and relayed my dilemma of how much I am wondering how I am performing since unlike my previous post, I don't know how I fared. I don't have numerical figures to guarantee I am in an excellent zone, nor have I targets to surpass each month. Frank understand that as well thus he guaranteed that I'm doing great in the new job.

That affirmation have brought me and my self confidence in cloud 9.

Today: Depressed and Unsatisfied.
I was sent out to go to Curayao and San Rafael Treatment plant to see what is going on in there.... I gathered all the data in preparation to the expected exam with Frank. And so we discuss things. He got out his calculator and did calculations. Yikes!!! And I was in a whirlwind, got confused with some data I got. And Frank said, "Here's one thing to learn, when you go to a plant, or wherever, learn from numbers." The numbers that we gather speak of things, coherent or not... thus if it is incoherent, I must asked it out outright at the plant than not think if the numbers do match or acceptable and suffer bringing questions at the main office. He said not to worry about it because even Bea and Mai, who were his previous TAs have the same habit at first. He said that it is due to the lack of experience such that it isn't nature to us to think that way. In due time he said, I would be able to acquire a very inquisitive mind.


Monday, April 27, 2009


It all started with just teasing.. it all started with people putting colors to whatever is there.

I don't know... now it has become a mess.

He is suppose to be a friend... suppose to be just one of those closest guy friends.. he's suppose to be "dude!", suppose to be a kid, suppose to be my brother.

But after having spent most of the outing together, talking the night away in a swing, slept together in a couch, eat together and looking after each other, plus the after-outing ...everything changed. People have thought we have something special going on. We have told them the truth that it was nothing and ignore everything they say...

But you changed... and it sucks bigtime.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Officially Announced!!!

Official at Ops

The Reason why I don't have a Sterio

or a Radio...

because our neighbor's are blaring in the early hours of the morning... dinig from kanto to kanto!!!

And since the houses in the subdivision are almost wall to wall in a very small piece of land... we will hear all the "noise".

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Going back to Taguig

I finally went back to Taguig. After my new position and transfer at the main office, it was only last Friday did I set foot at the Taguig office and was able to see most if not all of the members of the Taguig BA.

Yesterday, I went with the whole of Taguig to Lian, Batangas for the annual company outing...Since I don't have any department in Operations and the outings are purely per department, I thought of just joining my friends at Taguig.

I had problems with going there... I talked it out with Caster last Thursday that I'll ride with him to Taguig after his seminar with wastewater... but he informed me that he won't be joining the seminar because he has call center complaints to do... so I texted Sir Erol which of course he agreed for me to join them on going to Taguig.

Then Jovert texted me that he'll be picking me up since he will pass his application for Masters in UP. Weeehhhh!!!! Mahal talaga ako ng boys of Fort Boni!!!

When I arrived at the BA, everyone was eating lunch because it was also Boss Darwin's birthday. It was Sir Darwin's tradition to treat everyone on his special day. So being an honorary of Taguig, I invited myself to the lunch treat. Hehehe!!

Then we all loaded the bus... I don't have enough cash with me and withdrawing is impossible because we would be on our way to Batangas with no stop-over so Bernie was a super pest insisting on my share... hehehe!!! What would I do???? I just have to enjoy the outing and pay later...

It was a 3-hour long ride to Batangas... and when we got to the resort we all proceeded to our respective room assignments... I was with Tina, Jen, Bless, Bernie, Di, Cons, Rolly, Yaw, Chris, Chel, Aina, Jovert, and Lati. Yikes with only 2 beds, I don't know how we would be able to sleep comfortably in them.

After bringing our bags in, we went to see the beach... It was only, fine sand although not white...but it was ok... what would matter is making the most out of our stay there.

We started with playing dodge ball... it was so fun! Then later became picture addicts as more cameras was out...there was supppose to be a team building but was not able to continue since some people has already started drinking, some were engrossed with singing at the videoke, some are still playing volleyball and frissbee while others are already enjoying their swim. After that it was dinner time already.

Then we spent the whole night just talking... updating ourselves with whatever, anything and everything....then we played a lot of games again... it was a good way to go back and bond with friends.

Sleep and rest became a problem.. it was a dilemma!!! So after having my hair dried, with the help of Jovert (salamat, dude!), he thought of looking for a pillow outside to make our sleep more comfortable... we are to sleep at the banig with no pillow... I'm not maarte really, just want to be resourceful.

So we went out at the videoke to see what is happening there and viola!, we are hyper again with singing our songs of choice... But the day would take a toll on us... without me noticing it, I fell asleep at the couch with the videoke blaring as my lullaby.

Woke up around 5AM to have a morning dip. Weeeh!!!! That was the highlight of the trip, soaking in the sun, jumping into the waves, floating in the water, getting our tan lines, and have a blast in the pictures (thanks to Jen's underwater cam!).

Then we went back to get breakfast then go back again in the water for another batch of fun. Until we all went back for a very early lunch... Food was great... plus of course the company.

Going back to Manila, it was raining like hell.. Tagaytay was getting flooded... Another 3 hours later we were back at Taguig and then loaded ourselves in Sir Lawrence's car and have ourselves dropped at Market...

It was a 24-hour escape from work, from Manila, from everything that is real... It was good to be back.

Some Pics:
Photobucketdodge ballcadets of taguigdinner mess

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Got the Best Boss (by far)

Frank is THE ultimate BEST!!!

He has this very positive attitude towards work, towards his colleagues, his friends, his family and most especially his children. He knows his people by name... all of us in Ops... And he is the boss who doesn't want to be called by Sir, Mister or any title... He just want to be called Frank.

He doesn't belittle if you do not know... just tell him you don't know and he'll surely teach you...

I have went home, went undertime, and he allowed that... I don't escape anymore like I used to in Taguig. He has even grant my leave when I went home for the Holy Week. And now...

I got permitted with joining Taguig in their outing in Batangas. =)

Exhausted with Earth Day

Yesterday, I have been out all day. Came in before 8 to go with the Sustainability Department who will go to SM Mall of Asia by 8 AM. Frank is a guest for the Global Handwashing, an Earth Day celebration a NGO. It was such a small event but big names in protecting the environment took part in the celebration. Bebet Gozun who was the former Seceretary of the DENR was there, together with Teresita Choa, president of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines, a vice-president of Unilever. Some are ambassadors to nations of Germany and Finland was there and Ambassadors to the Philippines from Dutch. The governor of Isabela, Grace Padaca was also in attendance.

It was a fun event as one by one speakers, including Frank, was called to talk on handwashing and importance of it.

PhotobucketFrank Beaumont on HandwashingGrace Padaca

Then Frank thought of going back to Balara to do some work. But we are to come back to Makati for the Asia Society Forum on Water Management. When we came out of MOA, it was pouring hard. Streets are getting flooded and traffic is getting worse such that it would be impossible to get us to Balara and go back again in Makati by 3pm.

So FB suggested that we go to his place in Makati and edit the presentation.

His place is in one of the 4 apartments in 15th floor of 1 Roxas Triangle Place in Makati. It was so nice!!! Very homey!!! It was only Manang Belen, their MWF housekeeper who was at the house as Ma'am Ester her wife is out.

Although it was lunch time, Frank only wants coffee. Yikes... and he offered me the same and not the usual Filipino lunch of rice!!! So I declined. Good thing I grabbed some served refreshments of bread and iced tea during the Global Handwashing. And so he served me with Ma'am Ester's coconut tarts... very good tasting!!! Really!!!

So we edited his presentation, and I got a grand tour of his house... since we were just waiting for 2:00PM.

By two, we went to Asian Institute of Management for the event. AIM is also in Makati but we had a hard time finding it... got lost 2x due to Frank's senior moment...hehehehe!!! It was still raining but we arrived at the venue by 2:30PM.

Joemar joined us to hear the talk...Before the start of the forum, FB talked to Joemar regarding his new position... he is now the Department Manager of Water Supply!! I have manage to keep that in secret... and phew! now it is out, at least that's one secret less to keep!

Frank was to talk at the forum in replace of Sir Perry Rivera. And he was only told around 10 AM during the handwashing!! But that's part of their work... so he agreed to do it. =)
asia societyreact

That I admired of Frank... because if I were in his place, I might say no....

After the forum, I went with Joemar to Balara... again traffic was terrible... it took us an hour and thirty to get back to the office... yikes!!!! More than 12 hours of work!!!

Now I'm pooped!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Getting Sicker by the Day

According to my last doctor appointment at the province, I have a lot of gas in my stomach...I have hyper acidity she said. And so she told me to avoid coffee (omg!), tea, softdrinks, citrus, etc. So I was in a dilemma as what to drink (except of course water)... i could easily elude softdrinks but coffee?!?! and iced tea or even pineapple juice?!?! Argh!!!

So being a hardhead, I am not 100% caffeine free, I didn't say goodbye to my digestive aid and antioxidant, tea... nor have I said my last farewell to the fruit juices. I just lessen my intake of them... Pity me... now that I am offered of Starbucks coffee every lunchtime by Tom (who loves Philippines for cheap Starbucks! He's British, btw), and tea every morning. Hays! So for the whole week, I said no to the offers and agreed to it just yesterday, the last day of work... which Tom acted out like he was having a heart attack because finally I said yes to his treat! He was already thinking that I am much cheaper than the previous 2 TAs who have been in Ops because I have been declining free food from the two of them (him and Frank).

And just before I left for Manila, my family gathered in Apollo for a some-sort-of-tradition, a set-off dinner. After finishing with my food, I had a very bad stomach ache which I proceeded to the resto's CR... I was half relieved but Rolan was not convinced so he set me outside and convinced me to vomit the food out which I easily did because I was really in pain.

When I came home, I was already coming back and forth to the CR... I am having LBM. After about 6 sessions, my brother and I went out to buy gatorade or ORS... my mom on the otherhand was pleading me that we proceed to the hospital for a check-up which I said no to for I am afraid that I would get confined and I can't board the plane going back to Manila (which is the following day), and going back to work. And missing the plane would mean additional charges for rebooking and increase in fare rates.

So after 2 gatorades and more trips to the CR, a plane ride to Manila and commute to work, I still have a very rebellious stomach. I had another 2 sessions in the office before I went to our company doctor for a medical advice. He was actually in shock that I was still up in my toes for work as I should be very weak because of the lost electrolytes. He even advice me to go home, gave me antibiotics, and ORS, and recommends that I go to the hospital if I would still have LBM after 2 drinks of my meds.

The meds took effect bigtime... I didn't have any bowel encounters, even my regular ones, for two days! Now I'm fine tuned and have no problems with LMB... sadly I never had the chance to know why I had those bouts..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Expectation gives Grief

A long time ago, I have agreed to never put myself into situations where I would be again enveloped with grief. I have already detected the source of it. And staying away, and even not thinking about it, is the only answer to avoiding occasions of it.

But time and time again, I have fallen into the pit of momentary bliss hoping for something in return. And unmistakably, get hurt in the process. I have set not to expect but often falter on false hopes of an ireversible relationship.

Here I go again...

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I have been home for almost 3 days. Somehow it was not the vacation I looked forward to... there is always that feeling of escape... I love being home but not at this point in my life... Escape... that is what I want everytime I go home... I want to go back to the temporary happiness... leave the reality for a while...

I feel like suffocated... entrapped... it seems that there is no answer anymore...

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Yesterday and Today

I was in Manila and had a long day at Manila Water.

We had visitors from World Bank and IFC and they want to see how we treat wastewater so together with people from Finance, we organized a tour at the South Septage in FTI. After the cadetship training, that was the only time that I came back for a tour. And it was grand since it was Frank doing the explaining.

Going to Taguig was next in the itenerary so that the visitors could check out our "Tubig for the Poor" Projects. But Frank doesn't want to go so we excused ourselves from the group and we went to the sewage treatment plant in Magallanes. It was a fun learning experience... and I got to see the new technologies we have at Magallanes: the waste to energy project where we get methane gas from waste and burn them to provide electricity to the plant. =) nice huh?

And then we proceded to Intercontinental Hotel where lunch would be served for them. I thought all the while that Mike and Kid (people from Finance) will just be dropping the visitors and we'll procede back to the main office and leave all the directors to convince the delegates from IFC and WB that they grant us a loan. But Mike and Kid are in charge of everything and as a rule they can't leave the place till its over. So I hang out with them and they chose to sit near the directors and visitor's table in Prince Albert and ordered. It was my first time to see a menu with all food priced 500php up. They said everything was covered, just order. And I did... and Mike was calculating in his seat and almost dropped his ballpen when the group at the other side stood up for a buffet. Buffet costs 1750 each! So all through out our lunch Kid and Mike were calculating the money they have brought.

And then Frank stood up shook hands with the rest in their table and then approached our table asking if I want to join him coming back to the main office, which I of course took because I don't want to be in agony watching the two with wether they have enough money... Hehehe!!! Eat and run!

The rest of the afternoon I just went to IT to get my new sim card. I have a new work num now. I lost my phone during the preparations of the Farewell presentations for ATA. We were going down the taxi when I think, my phone slipped. I called and left a message on my phone. And the cab driver actually replied. Told me that he is now far and will return my phone in the afternoon and I have to pay for whatever is registered in his meter (as fare). I agreed to it but he never showed up. So now my new number is 09154228140 and I need to buy a new phone as the company would no longer buy us one.

I finished work early so as not to be late with meeting up with Pao. Just don't want get commented on.. hehehe! Peace pao! We agreed to meet up at Megamall for a free chocolate glazed donuts and their original coffee. Yummy and the best thing, it is free!

I am home for the holy week. Almost didn't arrived on time at the airport amidst leaving the house very early... I just don't want to spend much on a cab from the house in q.c to the airport. And so I got my documents ok and my boarding pass as well. The plane arrived on time and I told myself that this is one of the very few plane rides that is actually on time. And we left 5 minutes early than our schedule of 5:15PM. And I slept the whole flight and was awakened by the comotion. A crew was announcing over a megaphone which I wasn't able to hear to they repeated upfront for the other passengers to hear. They said we have to go back to Manila and they have technical problems in the aircraft. God! That was 15 minutes till we land in Bacolod!

And when we landed in Manila, some technical team repaired the communication system between the crew and the pilot and that's it. But what kept us long in Manila is that other passengers wants to go down which the crew permitted.... but of course it would take time to find their luggage at the plane's compartment. We finally took off 8:15 and I arrived at Silay airport hungry and tired at almost 9:30 PM. And when I got out, my fetch was not there yet. Ma and manong went out to get food as well.. so I waited for awhile for them to get me.

Now I'm looking forward to this vacation... hope to have a blast... and I need to get a tan line to compete with Frank's. Hehehe!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Career Launched and Flopped

That happened in only one night. My career as a showgirl was launched last night and ended on the same night as well.

Our company president is moving out of Manila Water and will transfer in Ayala Land. To pay tribute to his good leadership and how he steered the Manila Water wheel into success, we, in our own respective groups gave a show of our own....


Everything was not a competition but we gave our 100 percent. The Ops had a mini-concert with all our Department Managers performing as well as Frank and Tom. A few cadets, including yours truly, danced as back-up.

The performance blew the other Groups away. The crowd went into a riot seeing the managers doing all these... And until now, they couldn't believe at how we have pulled that off. And how we had our bosses do what they did... hehehe!!! I myself could not believe as how I was convinced to perform when if in Taguig I would not care about it and just be one of the audience. So up to today, 3 days has gone, and yet I still get teased by my Taguig friends, my batchmates and Sir Sundy. I really want to hear the end of that... waaaahhhh!!!

But I so loved my hair (thanks Maits for going thru agony just to curl my thick mane) that night and my make-up...I did my own smoky eyes!!! Weeehhh!!!!