Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Highlight

I finally saw half of my beerkada!!! All the way from the States, Boy is back with us here in the Philippines. Ate and I, this is only the 2nd time that we saw each other here in Manila... talk about being busy and being far apart... hehehe!

I'm thankful that we were able to meet up...We toured the hallways of Megamall and just go on with window shopping and eating out... I miss my girls...and that includes Len, Kat and Diane. hehehe!!

meet-up with ate and boy
Moi, Ate and Boy

After roaming around Megamall, I went with Ate to Starmall where she'll be riding to Laguna... but we saw a Bench Fix in Starmall so we had a pedicure for our tired feet.

destressing in a pedicure
Having a Pedicure

After saying my goodbyes to Frae, I went to meet my cousin and her neice in SM MOA. Good thing I went there amidst the heavy rains coz Bench had an activity at the biggest mall in the Philippines and I had a pic with Mateo...weeehhh!!!
with Mateo
Mateo, I love.

And the shriek is just the end of it. Hehe!!!

Eating Out Means Pigging Out

I have gone overboard with food lately. And that means going overboard with my expenses on food too.

Imagine this:
For the whole week I have eaten in Conti's twice, Sbarro, Coffee Bean (courtesy of Pao), Starbucks (courtesy of Nang Bambi) and that's minus the offers of Tom for coffeee, DQ, KFC twice, and Yoshinoya. Include in that the food I get for free from at the office from Ma'am Edna, from meetings and demo presentations.

Somehow I appreciate being at home today with just tv, laundry and the computer, because I'm limitted to what ever there is at our refrigerator... And it only means left-overs for reheating as I'm not really a fan of cooking... talk about being lazy on something vital as cooking.

Hope this does not get worse... I'm gaining weight, I'm losing money... grrrr... not fun at all.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I may doubt myself, but I don't doubt my God

Almost six months ago my application for Masters Degree in UP got rejected. I was so devastated, I had 2 days of depression. After 2 days, my why's have been answered. News of the new assignment, TP 6, was given to me. And it made me think, that if I was given the chance to go back to school and the new assignment, I don't know how I would manage. Plus the fact that I would be traveling to UP after work all the way from Taguig.

But the fact that my first application got rejected, it scarred me. Since I handed my application, I kept on praying and asked favors from family and friends to help me pray. I have doubted my capabilities, my confidence is so low, and I worry that I can't go back to UP, to be rejected twice. That doubt in self, turned to faith to my God. All the more that I called on to Him, to do miracles for me, to make things happen for me. And He did.

Now, during the applications, and the future with work, I see a much clearer picture. I am now assigned at the main office which is just at the back of UP. I would just walk from the office to school. And what I will study is now in line with work at Operations. =) He really has set out his plans for me. And I am forever at awe of His ways.

So yes, I am back and ready for school. I got my acceptance email today and I was too excited, I rushed to Frank's office and told him the news... he was happy that I did get in he even announced it to my seatmates at the office. The excitement also caused me a 6-8Php call to Mama, one of my greatest prayer warriors.

Now, I just have to finish my visit to UP Health Servie, aka Infirmary, and get myself totally admitted... to school!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beauty is a Sacrifice

Beauty is a Sacrifice.

It surely is for Mt. Pinatubo. To see a grandeous gift of nature, you have to endure a sure lot of an ordeal.

It is unbelievable to see how a very serene and beautiful place has caused havoc and peril to many lives in 1991. It was so violent and disastrous, like it was awakened from a deep slumber, terribly angry. Remains of that disaster is still visible around and going to Mt. Pinatubo. Hopefully, the great volcano will remain at sleep and the 1991 eruption will be its last.

It was a tiring but fun to conquer Pinatubo. But that experience will be the first and hopefully the last as I have no plans of doing it all over again. =P

Jump for the grand Pinatubo
A Jump for the Grandeous Pinatubo

Saturday, May 16, 2009

UPdate of my Bumming Week

I have been home alone since last week when my brother, Mel, went home to the province to spend the rest of his summer vacay with the rest of the family and of course the gf. It is quite peaceful at the house...and monotonous too. But I'm ok really... sometimes, I would like to experience some peace and quiet after a busy day at work.

Ji is here for the week. She's processing her papers for the US... good thing, she'll be able to go with us in climbing the Pinatubo.

Pao has celebrated his 29th birthday last May 12. We (Bertday boi, Icile, Ji, Rommar and I) had dinner at Mang Jimmy's... it was a quick walk from the office so I stayed for awhile browsing stuff in the internet while I wait for them to go there from Kalayaan Dorm where they had isaw.

Mang Jimmy's doesn't have an rice-all-you-can-eat just like years ago, during my college days... And we ordered five viands and only got 1 other viand free... Owel, I guess things change.

Rommar has a car now and Icile finally bought herself a DSLR. All through out dinner we had fun over eating and getting ourselves photographed... we then loaded Rommar's car and proceeded to the Technohub. Rommar went home right after he dropped us off.

We ate dessert at Razon's, yummy halo-halo, courtesy of Pao. And then we took turns handling the DSLR and shoot the night away.

Bertday boius girlswith bertday boi

I, together with some of my batchmates at the main office and Balara BA went to visit Emil yesterday. Emil is our batchmate who is assigned in Pasig BA. Both of Emil's kidney has deteriorated and he is now undergoing dialysis and he is looking for a kidney donor so that he could have a kidney transplant.

Minutes before he will be going for dialysis, we were able to see him. Still that happy smile amidst the problems he is facing. He has lost a bit of weight though. =(

Hope Emil will get through this.

I already watched Angels and Demons. Nice movie!!! Hehehe!!!

I love it. Maybe because I have no means to compare it with. I haven't read the books, nor have I watched The Da Vinci Code. So that movie is my first Dan Brown experience and it was nice.

=) that's it for now.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

No Plans For the Weekend


Bumming for the weekend. Can't seem to know the life with having nothing to do (except chores), nor a place to go to. Boohoo!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Richer by P500!

The much awaited fight is now over!!!

After a very glorious and short fight against Ricky Hatton, Manny is going home triumphant and the Filipinos are once again joyous especially those who placed their bets for the Pacman.


We at Ops have set our bets out against our Brittish bosses, Frank and Tom. We (almost 25 people) have come up with a grand 20,000Php to fight Frank and Tom's ceiling price. My bet of Php500 was included to the pool of amount.

And a week after the bet, I became richer by Php500!!!

Love you Manny! Ang gwapo mo sa pic dito:

bow down to boxing champ

The Gas that Made my Day Painful

The stomach have been aching the whole day. After eating breakfast, and was not able to burp, it became the nuisance one could ever imagine. My stomach has a lot of gas maybe enough to fill a balloon.

Ma'am Edna suggested that I take in meds for my gas. So I took Mutillom from Wellness and all the more that my stomach became rebellious and turbulent. I didn't eat for lunch afraid that I might upset my stomach all the more. I kept on coming back to the CR and induced vomitting just to get the gas out. Add to that the trips for bowel movement.

Now at 8PM, I know I have an empty stomach but I can't feel the hunger.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Bora Beaching Bitch

Like any other day that I lack sleep, the result would be floating. But the craving for sleep is not just becuase I have to sacrifice and extend hours awake for something reasonable like the studying or doing a report or presentation for work, but none other than traveling and supposed destressing from the reality of Manila.

Once again, I escaped the dreaded big city and went to Iloilo, our meet-up point for our much awaited Boracay vacation. An original party of 10 was cut to only 3 people: Me, Noisy and Cyhna. Cyhna has work to attend to on May 1 while Noisy will attend to the job fair in Bacolod City. So I spent the whole day of May 1 discovering Ilo-ilo. With the initial visit during the Holy Week and my tour guide via text, Pao and Ji, I was finally able to buy my ref magnet (Iloilo version). And then I went back to SM City to meet my cousin and my brother.

Since it was almost dinner, we set foot to the foodcourt and treated ourselves with a hearty meal. And then we decided to kill time with watching the LFS of Wolverine. We planned of going to the Tagbak Terminal around 12 MN so it is better to spend it watching a movie than a 24 hour fastfood chain (McDo kuno) and be pressured of buying food to stay in the place.

We arrived at Tagbak Terminal at almost 11PM, but we have to wait till 12MN, that's when 2 more passengers join us and the driver thought of proceeding to the Caticlan port. I was asleep most (if not all) on the way to the port. We arrived at the Caticlan port around 4:30 AM. We loaded the Montenegro ship which will bring us to Boracay.

And finally, we have set foot the ultimate beach destination in the Philippines, Boracay.

Pics at my multiply.

Friday, May 01, 2009

The Joke

It was about 4PM. And after talking to one of the people from Wastewater, Frank went out to talk to me. "Since it's a long weekend, I have an assignment for you to do. You're going to Boracay, to see things there." And he had that silly smirk in his face. I told him, "Really, you're sending me to Boracay? What do I need to do there?" And he continued, just look over things there. And then I said "Ok!" I know he was joking and I just keep on going on joking with the old white guy. "Na!" he said and waited for my reaction.

And I did return the joke.
"No. Really, I'm goin to Bora tomorrow."

And seeing my serious face, he said, "Really now?!?!?!"

"Yeah! Want to see my ticket?! I'm going to Bora for the weekend"

"You're really serious."

Now I take with me an assignment to Bora. Boohoo!!!