Sunday, October 31, 2010

Home for the Halloween!

Home sweet home!

Arrived at Bacolod at 6AM. After 2 glasses of cider from Pino, I went home to change and prepared for a trip home. At the airport, I had one or two hours of sleep while waiting for the plane and another 30 min or so at the plane. So when I got home I was so high and felt like floating but my eyes are already in a state of upheaval.

with lil SaphHow could I go to sleep if this little boy greets you?!?! And food (CRAAAABBSS!) that you so missed a lot have been served. The familiarity of the place you have grown and outgrown fills you like a drug that keeps you awake.

But around 8AM, I found myself crawling in bed and was sleeping like my nephew Saph...

Two months since I saw this cute angel, now I got to finally hold him... a bit bigger and a hell lot cute. :)

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