Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Look Good, Feel Good

Nowadays, though I may take full control of my time, I have been very busy to the point that I neglect myself.  My routine everyday is take a bath, get dressed, brush teeth and then grab my bags and dash to the car for the morning rush. Nothing quite unusual but the little extra I put into myself eons ago seem to be thrown out of nowhere.  I only get to comb my hair at the car.  I sometimes miss putting on body lotion or a moisturizer.  I haven't worn makeup since I can't remember.

I lack exercise, I eat too much.  I keep on procastinating on the former. I have many excuses left and right. It is no wonder that I am gaining weight very fast.  I am at my heaviest to date.  I have bought work out clothes 2-3 months ago to inspire me to get my ass moving, yet, I have not gone to the gym nor opened my laptop to follow a 15 minute workout.

Everytime I  look at myself in the mirror, and compare it to my old pictures of 3 years ago, I feel that I am the dull version of myself.  Because I don't feel good of what I see, insecurities creep in.

I have been so busy, I neglected my responsibility to myself: To Look Good and to Feel Good.  I know it is not obligatory but sometimes putting on a red lipstick boost your confidence or wearing a 3-inch heeled shoes makes you feel empowered.  I would like to open my closet and won't get limited because I could fit into all my clothes instead of me squeezing into my jeans which I could no longer button.  I would like to have curves unlike my surfboard of a body.

So yeah, I know I should have started exercising or pick up the make - up kit than blogging my woes and ranting on my shitty self.  I guess, I have to put it in writing, some sort of a promise to taking care of myself, to a healthier, fitter version of me.

I started my 15 minute zumba workout and extra 30 jump ropes in my new sports bra and nike kicks.... Im far from having flat abs but I'm getting there.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I'm Too Blessed to Complain

Today, we arrived at the store with one of our staff saying, "Manang, may sala gid ko sa imo" (Sister, I did something wrong).  I kept on guessing her fault with no avail until she confessed that she left the gas range open with the stove still on, overnight.  I have a section at the store that sells burgers, fishballs, french fries and the like.  And she was assigned in that section the other day.  When the whole First Shift Team opened Raji Mart yesterday, the store was full of smoke because the burner was on all night.  We were too blessed the store didn't burn in flames, else, I am now a pauper, stressed on how to pay the goods as half of the items at the store are still on loan with the suppliers.  Also, we are only renting, we may get sued for negligence or if there would be injuries, we will be required to take care of all of it.  So, yeah, I am so blessed and grateful that amidst all that was, Raji Mart is still running.

I didn't get angry nor give a reprimand for the negligence of my staff.  I was too overwhelmed with the blessing.  Ron gave her a 3-day suspension as penalty and to teach her a lesson she'll never forget. She agreed right away as she knew it was her fault in the first place.  No bad words said, unlike the movies.

As for my team, it was a lesson to be careful all the more.  Negligence is a no - no if we still want Raji Mart operational and them having work to feed mouths. As for me, I still have to save up for an insurance for the store for unforeseen like this.  But for now, I only have You, Lord, to save me and the store from all the troubles.  Thank you po!