Thursday, September 24, 2009

Internet Sucks

I’m Tired. I’m sleepy. All because of wasting time playing games or surfing through the net. Or plurking useless accounts of my day. I have to get myself straightened out…

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Start of the Day and I’m Pissed

Now I understand it. Vivid. Crystal clear. I get it why they leave. It is not about the work, nor the lack of purpose. It is about working with or should I say against the people in the office.

I have always been saying yes Ma’am and agreed to whatever she deem is correct. Even if, quite often, my mind rebels against it. I respect your experience working with him but also respect my ideas.

And I hate it how oftentimes you were out and I was left to do your work. And if something goes wrong, you blame no one but me.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If stress can kill, I think I'm the first one to go...

School has become a stress… with Mondays always on holidays we have now schedules for make-up classes. And one subject is really tough, I don’t know if I’m going to survive. Of course I will never give up on it… I have to just give my best, stick to the plan and pray that I would make it through until the end.

And work… hmm… how would I describe it… it is I think a chaotic mess. Reports seem to have the same due dates…old projects needed for submission, and meetings have been on queque as I am an identified person representing Ops as Kasangga. Frank is also volunteering me to join anything and everything. I am not complaining as I was telling him how bored I was while he was away. Yet now, I don’t know.. I am back on my toes, juggling to get things done.

Sleep has become a deprived necessity. With school nearing the end of the semester and the year nearing December, I guess everything shouts for your attention to get things done. I again saw the dawn of the following day when I didn’t sleep just to finish off an assignment which by the way never happened. Until now, at the very moment, I feel sleepy and would later crawl into bed as soon as I finish things.

I have again gone overtime for work.. overtime without pay... I think this is one of the rarest moments in Ops (under Frank) wherein I stay 2 hours over 5pm just to get things done. I am not at all complaining.. relatively this is easy compared to Taguig... Taguig, working OT(TY) beyond 5pm is a natural thing. But that seems so long ago... overtime is not familiar to me anymore... not until today.

Tomorrow is just the 3rd day of the week and I don't know if I could still make it by the weekend, not to mention that I have a make-up class on Friday and a laboratory class on Saturday...Grr...

maybe I should stop complaining.. and start praying.. =)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Damn the Old Writing

What would you do if your old boss found his name in your blog. Although it is pure narrative, I might have inserted a little of opinion, interpretation and a whole lot of imagination into it that would infuse all the embarrassment I am feeling right now! I am planning of crawling into bed for eternity than risk bumping into the old boss or to anyone else from old workplace for the world as they say is small.

Owel. Too late for deleting the old posts. Besides that was me and my naive self 4 years ago. Yeah right!

I'm enjoying plurking.. =)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

No VIP Treatment

I have just finished lunch. And I can’t wait but to blog about a big great guy who tries to be ordinary to reach out for his people. I’ve seen Rene D Almendras (RDA), our company president at LUA looking over what food is being served at the canteen. Seeing nothing interesting he approached the sandwich stand and while doing so, says hi and “kamusta?” to his people. And he ordered and waited like an ordinary employee. No frills, no VIP treatment, no “I am the president of Manila Water Company.”

When we are about to go out, his sandwich was also done and so we approached the door almost at the same time. Sol and I were eating icecream. He asked, “Where you buy that?” And so we pointed it out to him. Like a kid interested for a cone, he planned of going back inside while asking what other flavors are available. It was quite amazing finding a child in such a big man. And he then got hold of himself mumbling how he needs to diet since he is getting big.

Quite amusing. RDA is tough when it comes to business pushing people to do their best and deliver more that what they committed. But today, after such encounter, leveling himself to his people outside work may make RDA ordinary yet it makes him truly an extraordinary leader.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Early as now, I want to list my wants for the year (as of to date).

Everyone is invited to be my santa.

I want:

1) DSLR. Nikon D60 maybe or Canon 450D.  I got hold of both and it feels good.

2)  Iphone. I love the features of the iphone.  It is almost complete.  You could  watch videos, listen to music, its a phone of course, go online, and the best is you could read ebook!!!  I love!!!

3.  Plane tickets.  I want to travel so please give me, give me.

4.  A mini-laptop.  My old laptop for 8 years, has gone dead.  So I thought of replacing it... Anyone, be my guest and send me one!