Sunday, May 16, 2010

‘Narinig ko sa UP’-lessons from the online ‘tambayan’

UP Diliman Oblation

By Cate de Leon
Philippine Daily Inquirer

“OVERHEARD AT...” ONLINE groups are sprouting in the Internet, particularly for schools and universities. UP students created their own Overheard group on Facebook, with a Filipino title that aptly represents UP culture.

The group was started by Christian Rillera, a Political Science graduate of UP Diliman now taking up Law at Ateneo. Created last February 19, the group now has over 12,000 members.

From these “Overheard” groups, we see the unique character—and humor—of each university, sometimes so unique that outsiders can’t get the jokes.

But if you read closely, there are lessons to be learned from browsing through UP’s Overheard site.

Lesson 1. Survive

It is a must for students to acquire basic survival skills at UP. Like how to tell the jeepney driver to stop at one’s destination. This rather unfortunate girl couldn’t get down and missed her stop because she kept telling the driver: “Mama, stop!”

Lesson 2. No sleeping in class

A certain Asian Civilizations professor suddenly went “Shhhh...” mid-lecture and pointed at the students who were snoozing at the back. He gestured for the rest to quietly tiptoe out of the room—and then he dismissed the class.

Lesson 3. Believe in a God

No matter how liberal UP students may seem to be, they still need God. As a certain dormer’s to-do list put it:

English 12—Read photocopied readings!

Math 55—Homework

Humanities 1—Online conference with group mates.

Engineering Science 11—Pray!

A certain Philosophy professor was also quoted: “I’ve chosen to believe there is a God because it’s strategic. If it’s true that there is no God but I believe there is, nothing’s going to happen to me. But if I don’t believe and it just so happens there is a God, patay ako.”

Lesson 4. Study

Don’t be overly confident about your brains and abilities just because you go to one of the top universities. As one student said:

“In Math class, our professor had a frown as he distributed our exam papers, with most of us having failed the exams. One classmate rushed into class, late. He was wearing the famous ‘I think, therefore I am from UP’ T-shirt. Before he could sit, our professor walked up to him, handed him his failed exam and said: ‘Mr. ____, this is your exam. May I request you to go home and change your shirt? Lalong umiinit ang ulo ko!’”

Lesson 5. Be discreet

Never ever talk about your professors in public. The same goes for plans to cut class and all other manifestations of laziness.

Computer Science students were checking out who was assigned to handle one of their higher Math classes. One student started to pray out loud: “Sana hindi si _______! Sana hindi si ______!” as she checked the list of classes posted on the bulletin board. Then she shouted and cursed. When she then turned around, there was the professor before her, a huge grin on his face.

Also, there were these two classmates who saw each other from across the street. One was feeling lazy and told the other aloud that he had no plans of going to class that day, because the venue had been moved to a farther building on campus. He even tried to convince his classmate to cut classes as well, saying: “Wala ding papasok dun!”

Suddenly, from behind the lazy student came the professor’s voice: “Nandito kaya ako!?”

Christian, the site creator, also shared how he once got into a jeepney to get to his Math class and absently told his classmate: “Wala namang kwenta pumasok ng maaga eh, lagi namang late si Sir.”

When they got to the Math Building, he saw his professor alight from the same jeepney. Later in class, his professor went: “O ayan Mr. Rillera ha. Maaga ako ngayon. Baka kung anu-ano pa ang sabihin mo tungkol sa akin sa jeep.”

However, some professors are simply quotable, their pronouncements too good not to be repeated.

Prof. Solita Monsod, more popularly known as Mareng Winnie, began the first day of her Economics 11 class by saying: “Anyone who calls me Mareng Winnie in this class gets a 5.0.”

Then there was the student who told his professor, “Sir, ’yung buhok niyo po magulo.” The professor replied, “Bakit kay Edward Cullen pwede, sa prof niyo hindi?”

Another student was worried because he didn’t get his parents to sign what he needed for class. His professor said: “Bahala ka. Ikaw, i-forge mo. Basta ba hindi ka idedemanda ng nanay mo eh.”

Still another student was secretly reading manga in class when he realized his professor was right behind him. He nervously turned around, prepared to be reprimanded. Without taking his eyes off the monitor, his professor went: “Patay na pala si Jiraiya no? Kawawa naman.”

A clincher: A speech communication professor was wrapping up her discussion. “So class, let us refrain from being redundant whenever we speak.” She paused. “Ok?” She looked to the left. “Am I clear?” Then to the right. “Do you understand?”

Lesson 6. Know why you’re in school

No matter the fun and hilarious college life, we must all remember that our primary reason for going to school is to learn. As English 30 professor Rhodora Ancheta put it: “Don’t mind my arm fats jiggling when I write. Mind what I write!”

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ryan's Lessons may be Everyone's Lessons

I came across a <a/></href=>site</href> of how Ryan Seacrest has gone overboard with his duties as a host in the popular TV show American Idol and some tips of how he could keep his job.  I just thought of tweaking a little bit of it and make it applicable to work everyday.
1) Stick with your scope and limitations.  Don't go overboard unless someone allows you to go within their territories.

2. Let the master do their thing and learn from them. 

3. Let the contestants do the talking. Hang back, let them show their personalities more. God knows we needed that a lot more this season!

4. Talk but with sense.  It is ok to add you own inputs especially if they ask you for it.

5. Be a sheperd to the newbies.  There are a lot of newcomers and you know how it felt to be beginning so let them feel at ease. 

6. Make everyone and anyone comfortable. They are afterall, part of the team.

7. Be vulnerable. Do something dumb.  Who is the real you?  Don't afraid to show it.
8. Make jokes about yourself. Keep everyone else out of it.9. Don't hit on anyone or one person in particular.  That could be very obvious.  Even if you don't like a person, the very least that you could do is give him your respect.

10. Add some spice to your work life.  Bring in some surprises... They'll keep on guessing and expecting.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Election 2010

Cast your votes people... and vote wisely.

       My G1BO Twibbon

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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers especially my Mama.  You give meaning to "Hot Momma!"  Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given me and my brothers.  We will be forever by your side!

Mother\s Day

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Work Drama

Nagdradrama na naman ba ako?!?!

Napansin ko lang, this week parang di ako nageffort na kausapin si Frank.  It's getting worse and worse each day... Today, parang good morning and goodbye lang ata ang nasabi ko sa kanya... yong goodbye, di ko pa sinabi, nagwave lang ako... I don't laugh at his antics and I act as if di ko siya nakikita pagdumaan siya... tutok na tutok ako sa PC ko as if may ginagawa ako or talagang may ginagawa ako...Boss ko yun, dapat pa-good shot ako.  Hehehe!!!

Kaya lang, hindi ko naman kasi talaga ugali ang magpa-goodshot or give praises sa mga bosses para lang mapansin at umangat ako.  Todo effort ako sa work and I earned my position.  I work, not kiss ass.

If along the way, naging magkaibigan kami ng mga naging bosses ko it is because I was one of their good if not the best subordinates... Matigas paminsan-minsan ang ulo pero quality output naman ang delivery kaya di din ako napapagalitan.  Ang friendly relationship ko sa mga bossing ay built overtime not with the flattery words to fatten their ego.

Last day na bukas, kailangan ng pansinin si Frank.  Matampuhin pa man din un... hehehe!!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Hindi sino, kundi kanino ang iboboto mo?

Hindi sino, kundi kanino ang iboboto mo?
ni Bob Ong
Elections 2010
Sino ang Manok mo?

Meron kang dalawang uri ng boto: Ang una ay ang "boto ng konsensya". Ito ay para sa pinunong kinilatis mo, pinag-aralang maigi, pinaniniwalaan, at inaasahang may magagawa para sa bayan. Ang ikalawang uri ay ang "boto ng diskarte". Ito ay para sa kandidatong iboboto mo na lang para hindi manalo ang ayaw mo.

Para sa akin, mas matatanggap kong pamunuan ni Kiko Matsing ang bansa ko nang nagampanan ko nang tama ang tungkulin ko sa bayan bilang botante, kumpara sa makapagluklok ako ng ibang pinuno na resulta ng pagtalikod ko sa obligasyong bumoto nang tama. Dahil sa sandaling talikuran ko ang tama--sa ngalan ng diskarte--ay binibigyan ko na rin ng lisensya ang mga pinuno ng bayan ko na kumilos base sa diskarte, kapalit ng tama.

Ang boto ng konsensya ay base sa pag-asa. Ang boto ng diskarte ay base sa takot.

Ang bayan ng mga botante ng diskarte ay walang maaasahang pamunuan ng konsensya. Ang mga mamamayang kuntento na sa "pangalawang tama" ay mapagkakalooban ng pinunong ganoon din ang pamamalakad. Ang bansang hindi natututo, habambuhay na lang bibigyan ng leksyon.

Ini-endorso ko ang pagboto nang tama. Pwedeng matalo ang kandidato mo, pwedeng mangulelat. Pero mararamdaman mo lang ang kalayaan mo bilang tao at kapangyarihan mo bilang mamamayan sa Ika-sampu ng Mayo pagnasabi mo sa sarili mong "Napagkalooban ako ng karapatang pumili ng pinuno ng bayan ko, at nakaboto ako base sa sarili kong desisyon at ayon sa konsensya ko."

Kalapastanganan sa sariling dangal ang pagboto sa taong iba sa tunay mong pinaniniwalaan- -dahil man ito sa may tumutok ng baril sa ulo mo, may bumili ng iyong boto, o mag-isa pong piniling iboto na lang kung sinuman ang tingin mong mananalo.

Hindi nasasayang ang boto sa mga talunang kandidato. Nasasayang ito sa mga talunang botante.
Kung iboboto mo ang boto na ayon sa desisyon ng iba, sino pa ang boboto ng ayon sa desisyon mo?

Repost from the email I got.  I support Gibo Teodoro and I respect each Filipino's choice, that's why I never convince people to vote for my candidate if they have decided for their president.  May point eto.  Let's not sacrifice our votes for the lesser evil.  Let's practice our freedom to vote.  Let's embrace democracy. 

Cheap Deals Drown Me

Filipinos are drowned with seat sales from local and international airlines.  I could not keep up with it.  Cebu Pacific and Air Philippine Express have been competing with seat sales week after week.  While Philippine Airlines have celebrated their 70th year giving more Filipinos a cheaper chance of having a "luxurious" ride. have been posting their cheap flights from Clark to Malaysia as well.

I shouldn't be complaining.  And I think this is the unusual me as I have been a fan of seat sales and traveling on a tight budget.  I have enjoyed going home with just paying the travel tax as I have grabbed a zero fare of Cebu Pacific in 2008.  I have been going back and forth Manila-Bacolod with just less than a thousand.  I think seat sales are terrific as more Filipinos could go home to their families or more could wander the rest of the Philippines.  It is also an opportunity to discover the rest of the world.  I was thrilled when we (with my girls, Ji, Kat and Icile) booked tickets through Cebu Pacific for Macau and Hongkong.  I think we spend hours facing the Cebu Pacific website with phones on hand discussing the right IT.  And more excitement did my mother and brother felt when we went to Singapore through Cebu Pacific seat sale.

And now while most of my long weekends are booked and seat sales are still overflowing it made me feel depressed that weekends are no longer enough to accommodate such cheap deals.  What is more depressing is when homesickness hits you just when seats available are not the usual cheap fare.  If just for this yearning, I want to go home for good or for vacation.. whatever option is available... and seat sales doesn't help at all.