Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post Birthday Celeb

Nang Bambi was not able to attend my birthday dinner. So she treated me (together with my brother) for another dinner at Pepe's. Food was great, as usual. Then we ordered drinks (Blue Frozen Margarita) and ooh lala, there goes our world, spinning wildly we can't control it. So we headed to good ol' Cafe Bob's for a hot chocolate to subside the tipsiness.
All throughout the night, we were talking nonstop... from the time the food came and drinks followed up to the hot choco we're sipping. Just an update of our crazy lives while we were living it separately to at least get reconnected. Nang Bambs is like and has been a sister to me so she is one of the very few people I have been sharing most of secrets, heartaches and heart thumping included....

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