Sunday, September 05, 2010

Saph Rafael Angelo Real-Tribaco


I'm a proud tita of this very cute baby named Saph Rafael Angelo Real-Tribaco.  Saph was born last August 29, 2010 just in time when Mel and I went home for the long weekend.  Born at the Riverside Medical Center, Saph was a champion amongst his peers, topping the weighing scale at 8 lbs, 1 oz.

So cutie but it was a labor for his mommy, Grace.  Grace had contractions in the evening of Aug 28.  So we decided to bring her to the hospital around 11PM.  But Saph only got out past 2PM of August 29.  Poor mom (really long labor!) and dad (who worried and had no sleep).  According to my cousin, Dr. Mary Rose Hernia-Lao, they have to induce Saph's coming out (using forceps, sorry I'm not medical so I really don't understand).

saph with proud parents

It was a great weekend... finally got to see my first nephew... Congratulation to proud parents, (Manong) Rolan and Grace.

Hopefully, when I come back in November, its his Christening!

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