Monday, June 20, 2011

Waiting at the Airport

I'm here at the Mactan Airport in Cebu, 12 hours early than my flight schedule.  I'm bound for Manila tomorrow at 5:55AM so instead of spending the night at a hotel, I took a cab to the airport where I could wait for my flight.  I usually do that in Manila when my flight is in the wee hours (4am).  I'm not being stingy, but I am not a fan of waking up very early so there is a high chance of me missing my flight.

I also planned of catching the last flight going back to Manila but after inquiring at Zest Air, I am in no way going to spend more than a thousand pesos just for additional fare.  I would actually have to add Php 3512 just to go home at 9PM... tsk!!! that is too much!  So I'll just wait here in a bench while I continuously get sore back muscles... =(

P.S I really need to invest on a neck pillow.

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