Thursday, June 30, 2011

Food Dreamin'

I'm having multiple cravings for meat..  I want to try Lord Byron's spare ribs, and Fake Bob's, and food from Steak Room.. then maybe desserts from Felicia's...  haven't tried any of these yet so I'm not sure if I'll be satisfied.. But Bacolod is the taste buds' haven so they have to live up to that expectation... been dreaming of food quite lately.  And it is a sad thing that I don't have much money for fine dining or even just good food in itself.  I'm having bouts with self pity everytime I go through youtube and look on how a recipe is done.. Grr!!!

But for this weekend, I'll try to cook some meat on my own and have some experiment.  I need to satisfy my rebellious tastebuds.

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