Sunday, June 05, 2011

A Day at Microtel

If not for the bright sky, and a waiting breakfast buffet, I would stay curled up in the comfy bed covered by sheets after sheets. One of the best sleeps I had in the longest time... I was even thinking of screwing the pool and just stay in the room all day.

But my cousin was persistent. Afterall, she's paying the hotel and she better avail of all the amenities offered to her.
buffet breakfastprincess
So we got down to the lobby for a feast of cheesy egg, bacon, burgers, crunchy dilis (which i did not bother to get, hehehe!), garlic mushrooms. There was a portion for kids who would love cereals for breakfast. As appetizers, vegetable salad and sotanghon soup are available. For desserts, loads of fresh fruits and croissants of different variety is beautiful to my (takaw) eyes. Bread and butter with overflowing coffee are available for the light eaters. We felt like "little queens" with the food so plenty.

After the breakfast, we went straight to the roofdeck for a swim. Their pool is not so big but enough for a water lover like we are. The roofdeck is arranged like picnic grounds with tables and chairs. Lounge chairs for sun bathing are also available with towels that could be used by the swim freaks.
I think the pool experience capped my summer this year. I haven't gone to a lot our beach this year so I was craving for the waters.

After the pool, we rushed back to the our room to pack and check-out as we have desserts for lunch waiting.

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