Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Home Again (and Again)

I just came home from Bacolod.

My trip home was initially intended as a vacation. But I received a call from my highschool classmate regarding my interview for the a post in the Province. So I booked a ticket for a date ahead of my scheduled flight and viola, I'm home again.

1st Day Friday

The interview is a disappointment. Not that I failed myself, but the way it was conducted was a reflection of the Backer system in the government. Aside from my credentials, the consultant asked me how I am related to certain people. It is to my advantage of course but I think it would be best to hire me because I am qualified for the position not because I am the daughter of my parents. But I'm still up to working at the province. Aside from the work, I have another objective why I am open to work there.

It was Saph's last day at the hospital so I dropped by to visit even though I have no sleep the night before. I have to go to the airport very early to avoid missing my flight and a possible delays because of flooded streets. Saph is a poor thing, having viral infection causing him not to drink his milk and vomitting endlessly. So Manong and Graze decided to put him in the hospital and have him in destrose so that even if he doesn't feed, he still gets to "eat". So I just played with him and eventually fell asleep in his hospital bed which is a good thing because it was also at that time that the nurse took the needle off his foot so I was not able to see it. =)

After an endless waiting for our hospital bill and check-out, Mel and I went across Riverside for a sumptuous merienda at Jollibee. With my limited funds, Mel covered for the rest. Graze, Saph and our maid went with my brother Rex for home. But amidst the ride, I arrived at the house earlier than them giving me extra time to fix myself for a Last Friday of the month gathering of Silak in Bacolod. I went with my brother for a joyride at first because Ron left his house late. The group gathered at the Bacolod Pavillion courtesy of Abyan Horace. Not a lot came. I exited around 9PM leaving the guys all to themselves.

From Pavillion, I proceeded to the house of my Tito for his birthday party doubled with the baptismal celebration of his grand daughter. I was late of course so I did all the rounds saying hi-s and hellos to relatives. I was a bit tipsy and light in the head so was so engaging and chit chatty.

2nd day Saturday

Spent the whole day at the house. It was unfortunate because in the afternoon, I lost my phone to a stranger... Somebody came in to the house, inquired of Mel's dogs. My brother was not around and so I called him up. And I was hungry and lazy to get involved in the conversation, I passed on my phone to the stranger so that he and my brother would talk directly. I went to the dining table to eat and totally forgot about the phone. The stranger was even invited to eat, was given merienda because he won't join us and he asked for water. He finally asked mom if he could smoke outside. And when my brother arrived and look for the possible customer, the guy was gone and so was my phone. Tsk Tsk tsk!!!

Amidst the loss, I was still happy that day because my brother brought home crabs from Hinigaran!! So I didn't much dwell on my phone. But of course I was hoping that I would get it still.

In the evening, mom and my brothers and I wen to a spa for a heavenly massage. Unlike our spa treatments in the past were I pay for all of us, I came as a free rider. I have been honest to mom and my brothers that I don't have money at all so they just treated me for a treatment!! Love it much!!

On our way out of the spa, Mel was having rashes all over his body. Blame it on the crabs that he has been gluttonously devoured. So we went for an anti-histamine and waited just outside the hospital for about 30 minutes until he felt ok. But even until the morning the red spots in his body were still there and he was running a fever due to his allergies.

3rd day Sunday

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