Thursday, June 16, 2011

Banned Sites Accessed

Amazingly, I got to access my blog and multiply in my office PC.  This is a good thing as these previously banned sites are now accessible at the workplace through our office internet and even through the office wifi but all of a sudden I got to visit all of them with no restrictions.  Porn sites, Blogs, social network sites like facebook, multiply and twitter are banned by our IT due to work purposes and they are eating our bandwidth especially downloading.  Now, this is totally fun!

I now got to update my sites frequently, upload the pictures that I want whenever I want and chat to people whenever I like it... but this I also have to self-discipline myself as I wouldn't want to be reprimanded of not getting things done.

PS Let's see if I could acess facebook in a little while when the people have gone home.
PSS Sheesh!!! I just realized that my pocket wifi / Tattoo stick is stuck to one of the usb ports of my PC that is why I got access to these banned sites.  But I'm still thankful for this discovery as I would no longer bring the laptop to work just to check my facebook or multiply...hehehehe!!!

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