Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cebu Day 1: Photofinish

I woke up late against my scheduled time.  I haven't finish packing.  I haven't done with laundry nor cleaned the house as planned.  I fell asleep unintentionally (or intentionally) after a bout with Ron at gmail.  I was unsure if he is meeting me up but then I had a plan B in my head just in case he isn't.  It would not be as much fun but then again, I don't have a leash at my boyfriend's neck.  We may be a couple but we are individual people.

I left the house two hours before the flight.  I still took the MRT because I don't want to spend much on cab.   I only took the taxi at the Taft station.  When I arrived at the Domestic Airport (I'm flying via Zestair), the check -in counter for the Cebu flight is closed.  But for the first time, I didn't panicked.  I just approached the counter and asked the lady if it is really closed.  She hurried to the main window and asked if they could still allow a late passenger and good thing they did.  While giving me my boarding pass, she was also telling me to be early the next time.  I just gave her my sweetest smile.

When I finally came to the departure area, my flight is being called and I didn't even had the chance to sit down.  I just went ahead and started the queue.  =)  Being late, I was given a front row (4th) seat even though my ticket is a promo.

So I'm here at Cebu with Ron....where there's a storm and it is raining a hell lot.  =)

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