Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No Late Comers for Cebu Pacific

I went home last weekend. Our (me and my brother) flight was scheduled at 4:55 AM. So we took off in the wee hours in the morning, and pursued the airport via commute (which we used to do)! We arrived at the check-in counter around 4:16AM and was told that the check-in counter closed at 4:05 AM. Yikes!!! We missed it by 11 minutes!!!!

So amidst our pleading, we were directed to the ticketing section to have our tickets rebooked. And lo and behold!!! We are to add Php 5580.00 if we want to ride in the next flight. After so much debate with my mom, we decided to take a refund of my brother's air plane tickets and just give the additional payment. If not for the urgency of going home for the weekend, I wouldn't push through with the trip.

All through out this situation, I was so angry. I was so bewildered with the amount difference blaming all of it to Cebu Pacific. My brother who was so calm about all of this, was telling me that it was not Ceb Pac's fault but ours (but specifically me) since we came in late... But I guess, I was just so frustrated with all the money spending... =(

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