Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Freezin' in a Tropical Country

It is F*CK-ing freezing cold!!!! It has been almost been 15 days since the cold month of December yet here we are experiencing the coldest night so far. Two days ago, news had it that temperature has dropped to 11 C. So I guess now we're down to a 9 C??? Yikes...

We're in our cold-deflector clothes... geared up in pajamas, jackets, scarf/shawl, and socks...Mel has almost the same outfit as mine plus the "bonnet" he made out of an old shirt. He even prepared warm water and we soaked our cold feet for temporary warmth.

I don't know how much more I could take of this before my system breaks down and catch a flu. A lot of people are sneezing and coughing in the MRT... and soon enough each one will be a virus holder... =) Which give me an idea... I'll pretend to be sick because of the very cold environment and not go to work... hehehehe!!!! I wish i could do it really, but it will still be me who will suffer as work will be piling up due to not attending to them... = (

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