Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Great Buys

I hovered around Ali Mall after we got off from our hitched ride with one of our colleagues. Maybe just to kill time (I'm home alone in the house so I'm not eager to go home to an empty house) and hoping for the rains to stop, I searched through some stores at the mall. I used to wander around Cubao during my first year in college everytime we are in the Metro (I used to be staying in elbi then) for the weekend, but after 8 years, it seems like Ali Mall is very new to me. The facade is still the same but it isn't the usual crowded place and there are a lot of new stores around I can't help but to look into them.

A humongous store at AliMall is the Shoe Center. I guess this is where the Shoe Expo transferred since there are no longer as abundant near the Bus Terminal. And lucky me, everything's on sale!!! I was thinking of getting myself a gladiator sandals when I saw the pair of slip-ons I have been eyeing at Rusty Lopez's stores for quite some time. Add to that was a cute close pointed formal shoes which I thought I need for the upcoming SILAB anniversary (kaya Sisses, please!!!! Give us a formal or at least a semi formal party, our excuse for dressing up and wear those killer shoes!). And I got both pair of shoes with more than 50% off the price!!!! Weeeehhhh!!!! I love!!!

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