Friday, January 23, 2009

(Chinese) New Year's Resolution

Monday's Chinese New Year. And since I haven't drawn a list of my resolution for 2009 in time for January 1 (which is way over), I am making this list to make that sort-of tradition when a new year has come.... but not for tradition's sake, I hope to fulfill what I'll list here. Hmmm... lets see...

1) I need to drink plenty of water... which I took for granted or sometimes forget... I declared myself dehydrated last 2008!!!

2) One more year at Manila Water, I guess, I should deal with work professionally this year.... there will still be complaints, grunts and whines, but that should be lessened. I have to see the positive of each demand of work...

3) I have to say my prayers more... especially when I am close to be tempted. Praying makes me think... makes me reflect... makes me sort out things...

4) Eat the good and right stuff. I'm going healthy this year.... vegetable over meat, sea foods over other meat, chicken over red meat. And I'm cutting off my softdrink intake.... Hmmm... exercise... I always lose to laziness. I guess it is a bonus if I have some exercise... but if I can't do it, then I guess it will only be a disappointment if I include it here.

5) Explore. Explore. Explore. Go lang ng go!!! As long as I have enough money, I'll travel to unknown (to me) places, dine in new restos and Manila's good finds, see plays and concert... experience new things... discover unknowns... =) Tira tira!!!

6) Number 5 spells expenses... So before doing it, I have to save... kaya nga merong "As long as I have enough money..." which means, whatever is left of my pay after I have deposited to either my WASSLAI or a new savings account which will be untouched for the whole year...hope to have savings reaching 6 figures in total by end of 2009... I'm crossing fingers here.... (gusto ko na kasi magloan for a house and lot through Pag-ibig in 2010)

7) Have an open communication with my family... It seems last year was a busy year... I seldom got to talk to my family... hope this year, it would be part of the new things to happen for 2009

Ending it at 7 since it is God's favorite number. =) Hope with God's grace, I would be proud of myself a year from now... Ang pinakamahirap dito yung #2!!!! =P

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