Sunday, January 11, 2009

Laundry Aid

I am so glad to wash clothes now. As I seek the help of technology, I am now typing this blog while my clothes are being washed. Nope, I didn't have it done by the laundry shop like we used to during our lazy times, nor I have household help ordered to do it. But it is there, washed, tumbled until the dirt does not adhere to it. But I still do the rinsing to have my laundry time short and my brother does the hanging of clothes. You see, my laundry aid isn't much of an all around. But so far, I am so glad it is here and is helping me wash my clothes clean. Laundry hasn't been much of a favorite chore as I would end up with sore arms and wet butt in the late night. But now, laundry is moved to notch higher in terms of an enjoyable chore (uhm, is there such a thing??) ... thanks to my laundry aid..

By the way, I just bought a new washing machine.

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