Thursday, January 29, 2009

In time for a Kung Hei Fat Choi

And so I went home last week... it was a sort of a planned surprise.

So much for the details of the reason...I'll go sidetracked and talk on something lighter...

Good thing Bacolod is a festive City... people have all the reasons (or think up of any reason) to be happy and celebrate...the trademark "City of Smiles" suits it very well. Just in time for the Chinese New Year celebration, Bacolaodiat was held in Shopping to welcome the year of the ox. Shopping, I often refer as the Chinatown of Bacolod since most of the shops/stores are Chinese owned. And there is a Chinese school in Shopping, St. John's Institute, where 90% of the students have a one syllable family name. Some Chinese families could be found in Shopping too.

A street in Shopping was closed for the festivities and Chopsticks Alley stood in place... it is a food strip where Chinese goodies are sold... There was concert too and big lanterns of the animals. What was so sad was that there was a strong drizzle (is there such a thing??). And what was bad was we didn't bring any umbrella nor jacket. But we braved the night just to take pictures with the lanterns... all 12 animals and the big dragons and all.

It was a fun night... =)


And then we proceeded to Business Inn for cansi and tears fell once more. =P

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