Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Of Vids and Music

Lately, I have been browsing a lot in youtube and been enjoying it...

Good finds were Chris Browns's Forever used as a wedding march.

This was absolutely enjoyable... and I would like to have friends who would get crazy with me in my special day... uhm, girls, game kamo? Wait, I don't have my groom yet..hehehe!!

My brother has discovered 2ne1 and Sandara Park, a Korean who became popular in the Philippines having won 1st runner up in Star Cirlcle Teen Quest was part of the group. 2ne1 is growing fast in the Korean music scene.

Sandara, or better known as Dara in Korea, is the girl in pink pants in the video. It is amusing how she has grown confident after going back to Korea. I guess after going through so much in the Philippines, it has done her good.

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