Saturday, August 22, 2009

5-Day Mobile Life

I have been wandering for 5 days. And the movement had me realize that I have somewhat an imbalance that has kept me sick when traveling.

I was around the southern part of Manila doing plant visits in our wastewater and water treatment plants in Makati and Taguig. Since Frank is away for a month, one of his requests was to visit as much facilities as possible. He was very particular with our facilities in Jala-jala and Baras in Antipolo which we did two Thursdays ago.

When I went back to the office, I finished off a report needed for United Utilities in UK. I then requested Mang Aster, Frank's driver to send me off at the airport for my most awaited trip to Cebu.

But Cebu was not our ultimate destination. Cebu was only our meet-up point. Joined by my beerkadas Lenny and Boy, we set foot Bohol via a fastcraft in the afternoon of Wednesday.

Bohol was splendid... I will make a separate post for the whole trip.

Then we were back again in Cebu Friday afternoon in preparation to go back to our busy and real life in Manila (as for Len, in Bacolod) the following day (which is today).

And now that I'm back. I have no time to rest. I am really back to reality, I am back to attend my laboratory class to be a day closer in getting my Masters Degree. =)

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