Thursday, August 13, 2009

I need those falling stars for my wishes.

Boohoo for last night’s sky. Clouds were everywhere totally covering the night sky. Damn. I have hoped to catch the meteor show last night but then the clouds won’t even budge and open up.

I looked though National Geographic and according to the site, Perseids meteor shower are the by products of Swift - Tuttle. Also known as the "Tears of St. Lawrence" because the shower roughly occurs on the date of the martyr's death.  Out ancestors thought of it as tears of a martyred man burned because of his beliefs.

Like a child, I often wish on falling stars. My first falling star was during highschool, sun has set but there are still traces of its light. And then a falling star was there in the mid-sky. To my surprise I never got to make my wish.

My most memorable meteor shower was during college. We were at the garden of our dorm in Ilang and were just gazing at the night sky. Some of my sisses at the dorm got out their “banigs” or woven mats and we spent the night under the sky of bursting falling stars at the moon deck of the dormitory.

I was eager for another spectacular meteor shower. I have a lot of dreams to wish for, I need a number of falling stars for them. To my dismay, all I got were clouds. Poor me! I guess I’ll fulfill them on my own with only the divine intervention helping me.

Wishing and fulfilling dreams, it may not matter. The bottom line is, it would have been a great night.

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