Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Devastatingly Bored

Here I am again whining about work when I have nothing to work on today and everyday. That is the problem really, I am bored with work because I don’t have anything to do. Yes.. talk about being idle for the whole day.

Oftentimes, I would end up pretending that I am doing something at my desk. And that alone drains my spirit each day. I am not used to idleness. And most of all I am not used to pretending. Coming from the BA where everyone is on their toes maximizing time to finish as much work as possible afraid that things would be piling up. Here, work is a monthly thing. You release reports required once a month. And once you are done, idleness will creep and swallow you again.

There is no wonder why previous TAs has moved out. Mai for instance, had her stint in only a year and moved on to Wastewater Department. In one of the many talks Frank and I had, he told me that he is wondering of how I am with work. He is worried that I might get bored and would leave him. He knows that he could never tie us down with the position. He knows that well be leaving. He is just concerned that we leave too soon.

I am bored. I am devastatingly bored. I am complaining. But then I know, this is a blessing in disguise. I need the time to study, I need the time for school. Many often I am doing my homework for design subject or research for our laboratory class. It is only with Frank, who also encourages his people to pursue further studies, that studying and not doing work is “allowed”.

Don’t worry, I am thankful of the life I have with work and would never go back to the life I had at the BA…but let me just use the space to complain. Hehe!

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