Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bora, bye bye.

Today, I feel sick at the gut. If I would reread this entry in the future, I would surely like to kill myself.

My friends from Taguig have planned a trip to Boracay last April. Since we booked early, we have availed of super cheap tickets. And today is the day. My friends have gone to Bora. I was left in my cubicle whining and doing this entry before I start with work.

I could have gone. I could just pack my bags and be at the white beaches of Boracay getting a darker color. But I chose to stay. Not because I luurvvv my work but because of my Saturday classes. And you may think that I am the goody-goody student who wouldn’t want to miss class once in awhile. Don’t get me wrong. I have planned on that. But of all Saturdays that I would be reporting to my laboratory class, it is this Saturday that we have to do an update with our professor. So I better be there than be trapped with inexcusable absences.

I would like to be angsty about how school has destroyed my plans of touring the world but then again, I am at fault since I have gotten my finger back at school. I wanted to get a Masters degree badly then sacrifices has to be made.

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