Friday, May 01, 2009

The Joke

It was about 4PM. And after talking to one of the people from Wastewater, Frank went out to talk to me. "Since it's a long weekend, I have an assignment for you to do. You're going to Boracay, to see things there." And he had that silly smirk in his face. I told him, "Really, you're sending me to Boracay? What do I need to do there?" And he continued, just look over things there. And then I said "Ok!" I know he was joking and I just keep on going on joking with the old white guy. "Na!" he said and waited for my reaction.

And I did return the joke.
"No. Really, I'm goin to Bora tomorrow."

And seeing my serious face, he said, "Really now?!?!?!"

"Yeah! Want to see my ticket?! I'm going to Bora for the weekend"

"You're really serious."

Now I take with me an assignment to Bora. Boohoo!!!

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