Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eating Out Means Pigging Out

I have gone overboard with food lately. And that means going overboard with my expenses on food too.

Imagine this:
For the whole week I have eaten in Conti's twice, Sbarro, Coffee Bean (courtesy of Pao), Starbucks (courtesy of Nang Bambi) and that's minus the offers of Tom for coffeee, DQ, KFC twice, and Yoshinoya. Include in that the food I get for free from at the office from Ma'am Edna, from meetings and demo presentations.

Somehow I appreciate being at home today with just tv, laundry and the computer, because I'm limitted to what ever there is at our refrigerator... And it only means left-overs for reheating as I'm not really a fan of cooking... talk about being lazy on something vital as cooking.

Hope this does not get worse... I'm gaining weight, I'm losing money... grrrr... not fun at all.

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