Monday, May 04, 2009

Bora Beaching Bitch

Like any other day that I lack sleep, the result would be floating. But the craving for sleep is not just becuase I have to sacrifice and extend hours awake for something reasonable like the studying or doing a report or presentation for work, but none other than traveling and supposed destressing from the reality of Manila.

Once again, I escaped the dreaded big city and went to Iloilo, our meet-up point for our much awaited Boracay vacation. An original party of 10 was cut to only 3 people: Me, Noisy and Cyhna. Cyhna has work to attend to on May 1 while Noisy will attend to the job fair in Bacolod City. So I spent the whole day of May 1 discovering Ilo-ilo. With the initial visit during the Holy Week and my tour guide via text, Pao and Ji, I was finally able to buy my ref magnet (Iloilo version). And then I went back to SM City to meet my cousin and my brother.

Since it was almost dinner, we set foot to the foodcourt and treated ourselves with a hearty meal. And then we decided to kill time with watching the LFS of Wolverine. We planned of going to the Tagbak Terminal around 12 MN so it is better to spend it watching a movie than a 24 hour fastfood chain (McDo kuno) and be pressured of buying food to stay in the place.

We arrived at Tagbak Terminal at almost 11PM, but we have to wait till 12MN, that's when 2 more passengers join us and the driver thought of proceeding to the Caticlan port. I was asleep most (if not all) on the way to the port. We arrived at the Caticlan port around 4:30 AM. We loaded the Montenegro ship which will bring us to Boracay.

And finally, we have set foot the ultimate beach destination in the Philippines, Boracay.

Pics at my multiply.

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