Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finding a Father in Frank

So last weekend, I was out with my friends and colleages at the Taguig BA. I got Frank's permission to go with them in the afternoon of Friday.

First thing Monday, at the Flag Ceremony, he was mouthing (Yep, I was lip reading), asking about the weekend outing. Since he was afar, I also mouthed my words back saying I really enjoyed it a lot.

And later in the afternoon, he called me into his office and after discussing business matters, he made me tell him how the Taguig Outing went. He was inquisive of details of what we did, where we stayed, or did I miss, at the very least, enjoy the company of my Taguig friends. He was even concerned that I was assigned in a room with 14 people (included 6 guys) with only 2 beds.

It is quite overwhelming that somebody not related to you, or somebody not in your level (mentally, financial, socially) is taking time to know how you were and how your days went. =)

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