Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bi Polar?

Yesterday, I am in cloud 9, so high I couldn't get enough of smiling and feeling good. Today, I feel like I'm in deep shit.

Yesterday: Straight from the horse's mouth
After discussing things I have gathered in the main office on the Curayao and San Rafael Treatment plants, I stood up to go back to my cubicle... midway accross the room, Frank called me back... And he said, "Just so you know, you are doing very well. And it is not only me who is saying so, so is Ma'am Edna." And that great big smile appeared again and was plastered in my face. I told him my thanks and relayed my dilemma of how much I am wondering how I am performing since unlike my previous post, I don't know how I fared. I don't have numerical figures to guarantee I am in an excellent zone, nor have I targets to surpass each month. Frank understand that as well thus he guaranteed that I'm doing great in the new job.

That affirmation have brought me and my self confidence in cloud 9.

Today: Depressed and Unsatisfied.
I was sent out to go to Curayao and San Rafael Treatment plant to see what is going on in there.... I gathered all the data in preparation to the expected exam with Frank. And so we discuss things. He got out his calculator and did calculations. Yikes!!! And I was in a whirlwind, got confused with some data I got. And Frank said, "Here's one thing to learn, when you go to a plant, or wherever, learn from numbers." The numbers that we gather speak of things, coherent or not... thus if it is incoherent, I must asked it out outright at the plant than not think if the numbers do match or acceptable and suffer bringing questions at the main office. He said not to worry about it because even Bea and Mai, who were his previous TAs have the same habit at first. He said that it is due to the lack of experience such that it isn't nature to us to think that way. In due time he said, I would be able to acquire a very inquisitive mind.


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