Saturday, April 25, 2009

Going back to Taguig

I finally went back to Taguig. After my new position and transfer at the main office, it was only last Friday did I set foot at the Taguig office and was able to see most if not all of the members of the Taguig BA.

Yesterday, I went with the whole of Taguig to Lian, Batangas for the annual company outing...Since I don't have any department in Operations and the outings are purely per department, I thought of just joining my friends at Taguig.

I had problems with going there... I talked it out with Caster last Thursday that I'll ride with him to Taguig after his seminar with wastewater... but he informed me that he won't be joining the seminar because he has call center complaints to do... so I texted Sir Erol which of course he agreed for me to join them on going to Taguig.

Then Jovert texted me that he'll be picking me up since he will pass his application for Masters in UP. Weeehhhh!!!! Mahal talaga ako ng boys of Fort Boni!!!

When I arrived at the BA, everyone was eating lunch because it was also Boss Darwin's birthday. It was Sir Darwin's tradition to treat everyone on his special day. So being an honorary of Taguig, I invited myself to the lunch treat. Hehehe!!

Then we all loaded the bus... I don't have enough cash with me and withdrawing is impossible because we would be on our way to Batangas with no stop-over so Bernie was a super pest insisting on my share... hehehe!!! What would I do???? I just have to enjoy the outing and pay later...

It was a 3-hour long ride to Batangas... and when we got to the resort we all proceeded to our respective room assignments... I was with Tina, Jen, Bless, Bernie, Di, Cons, Rolly, Yaw, Chris, Chel, Aina, Jovert, and Lati. Yikes with only 2 beds, I don't know how we would be able to sleep comfortably in them.

After bringing our bags in, we went to see the beach... It was only, fine sand although not white...but it was ok... what would matter is making the most out of our stay there.

We started with playing dodge ball... it was so fun! Then later became picture addicts as more cameras was out...there was supppose to be a team building but was not able to continue since some people has already started drinking, some were engrossed with singing at the videoke, some are still playing volleyball and frissbee while others are already enjoying their swim. After that it was dinner time already.

Then we spent the whole night just talking... updating ourselves with whatever, anything and everything....then we played a lot of games again... it was a good way to go back and bond with friends.

Sleep and rest became a problem.. it was a dilemma!!! So after having my hair dried, with the help of Jovert (salamat, dude!), he thought of looking for a pillow outside to make our sleep more comfortable... we are to sleep at the banig with no pillow... I'm not maarte really, just want to be resourceful.

So we went out at the videoke to see what is happening there and viola!, we are hyper again with singing our songs of choice... But the day would take a toll on us... without me noticing it, I fell asleep at the couch with the videoke blaring as my lullaby.

Woke up around 5AM to have a morning dip. Weeeh!!!! That was the highlight of the trip, soaking in the sun, jumping into the waves, floating in the water, getting our tan lines, and have a blast in the pictures (thanks to Jen's underwater cam!).

Then we went back to get breakfast then go back again in the water for another batch of fun. Until we all went back for a very early lunch... Food was great... plus of course the company.

Going back to Manila, it was raining like hell.. Tagaytay was getting flooded... Another 3 hours later we were back at Taguig and then loaded ourselves in Sir Lawrence's car and have ourselves dropped at Market...

It was a 24-hour escape from work, from Manila, from everything that is real... It was good to be back.

Some Pics:
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