Saturday, April 18, 2009

Getting Sicker by the Day

According to my last doctor appointment at the province, I have a lot of gas in my stomach...I have hyper acidity she said. And so she told me to avoid coffee (omg!), tea, softdrinks, citrus, etc. So I was in a dilemma as what to drink (except of course water)... i could easily elude softdrinks but coffee?!?! and iced tea or even pineapple juice?!?! Argh!!!

So being a hardhead, I am not 100% caffeine free, I didn't say goodbye to my digestive aid and antioxidant, tea... nor have I said my last farewell to the fruit juices. I just lessen my intake of them... Pity me... now that I am offered of Starbucks coffee every lunchtime by Tom (who loves Philippines for cheap Starbucks! He's British, btw), and tea every morning. Hays! So for the whole week, I said no to the offers and agreed to it just yesterday, the last day of work... which Tom acted out like he was having a heart attack because finally I said yes to his treat! He was already thinking that I am much cheaper than the previous 2 TAs who have been in Ops because I have been declining free food from the two of them (him and Frank).

And just before I left for Manila, my family gathered in Apollo for a some-sort-of-tradition, a set-off dinner. After finishing with my food, I had a very bad stomach ache which I proceeded to the resto's CR... I was half relieved but Rolan was not convinced so he set me outside and convinced me to vomit the food out which I easily did because I was really in pain.

When I came home, I was already coming back and forth to the CR... I am having LBM. After about 6 sessions, my brother and I went out to buy gatorade or ORS... my mom on the otherhand was pleading me that we proceed to the hospital for a check-up which I said no to for I am afraid that I would get confined and I can't board the plane going back to Manila (which is the following day), and going back to work. And missing the plane would mean additional charges for rebooking and increase in fare rates.

So after 2 gatorades and more trips to the CR, a plane ride to Manila and commute to work, I still have a very rebellious stomach. I had another 2 sessions in the office before I went to our company doctor for a medical advice. He was actually in shock that I was still up in my toes for work as I should be very weak because of the lost electrolytes. He even advice me to go home, gave me antibiotics, and ORS, and recommends that I go to the hospital if I would still have LBM after 2 drinks of my meds.

The meds took effect bigtime... I didn't have any bowel encounters, even my regular ones, for two days! Now I'm fine tuned and have no problems with LMB... sadly I never had the chance to know why I had those bouts..

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