Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tag Happy: Day 2

Today is quite a hard day. I got to work past nine even if I was at Que Ave platform before 8AM!!! I missed lunch doing our presentation and had it only by 4PM. But the hard times makes you appreciate the good ones all the more.

>> Amidst being late because of the exhausting MRT, I was able to resist cursing. It was my venue actually to communicate to my God of my situation and the hardships of life.

>> The Business Zone Review went very well. Although Ma'am Ron was not able to attend our review, Sir Elmer gave us good pieces of advice. The inputs from the Technical Service Manager is commendable.

>> Surely we had our lunch by 4PM. But having the joyride (we rode to and around FTI looking for food...we even reached DOST)with the boys of Fort Boni was quite facinating... especially with their antics!

>> I surely missed Bugong chicken. I had that for lunch! Yum yum!!! I used to eat Bugong almost every weekend during my first year in UPLB and have looked forward to it each time I have extra money from the allowance my parents gave me.

>> I got a hitch ride from Ma'am Belle and so I saved on transportation.

>> Thank God for a generous brother!!! I arrived at the house with an ice cream filled Ref. I know it is fattening but it is not everyday that I get to eat icecream.

Monday na po ulit.. I'll write my Friday-Monday blessings and post it when I get back from my weekend escape. =)

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