Saturday, February 14, 2009

MRT Jungle

The MRT is such a jungle. Men and women would throw fists just to get in especially peak hours going and from work. I for one commutes using the MRT and it is surely getting worse each day. Just for laughs, this is a compilation of the true remarks during MRT rides.

At GMA Kamuning Station
As the doors of the MRT is about to open, and people keep pushing to get in,
Commuter: Oh! Oh! Oh! Teka lang hindi tayo taga-Cubao! Taga GMA tayo!

At Cubao Station
Guard: Paraanin niyo muna ang mga bumababa!
Commuter: Wag niyo silang salubungin, hindi niyo sila kamag-anak.

Try using the MRT and you'll find it more amusing!

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