Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tag Happy: Day 1

I'm doing this tagging thing because I like the concept of this... to appreciate everyday's blessings, however small it may be.. Thanks to my cousin, Cyhna, for dragging me to do this.

Rules: Post about something that made you happy today even if it’s just a small thing. Do this everyday for 8 days without fail. Tag 8 of you friends to do the same.

Since I read about the blog post last night (around 12:15AM...hehehe!) before I sleep, I think I'll start my "Day 1" with yesterday. So here goes the list of my blessings.

>> MRT is much better today... I alight a not so packed train and got to work relatively early.

>> I had free eat-all-you-can lunch at Kamay Kainan!!! Sir Mar was invited by a contractor and since I was tagged along, I had my stomach filled with a variety of food all of which are delicious. =)

>> I got a text from an Abyan that he got me tickets for Ang Kiri on the 26th!!! Thanks Byan Ghe! I'll pay you soon! Yebah!!!

>> My team ended work around 8PM because we have to prepare our presentation for the Supply
Zone Review. But instead of going home directly, we headed for dinner feasting over Chowking food . I was actually one of the boys being the only girl in the team but they never treated me differently... The guys, Boss Lawrence, Caster, and Jovert would actually joke around dirty stuff even I'm around.

>> We (I plus my cousins and my brother) finally have tickets for Penagbenga next week!!! I actually got to the Pasay Terminal at around 10:15 PM. Instead of going home after dinner with the team, I headed to Pasay since Victory Liner is open 24 hours a day. I just thought of just going through what is scheduled so that I won't have to do it the following day. Good thing I did, because I got the last four tickets to Baguio for Feb 27, 8PM... Lucky me!!!

There goes yesterday... I'm on to my blessings for today.

I'm tagging the following to do the same: Lenny, Boy, Frae, Chris, Ji, Pao, Ricili, and Kat Kho.

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