Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Cadet's Woes

There are two ways getting in our company... one is the route i have taken, the Cadetship training program. I think for the past 10 years, Manila Water has almost 500+ cadets. And the other route, is direct hiring to the position applied. The latter requires years of experience or expertise and all the credentials.

Lately, there are a lot of direct hires. And it brings a lot of questions amongst cadets. Questions like, How good are they? or Why can't they find among the pool of talents from the cadetship. Cadets are very diverse. Some are engineers (all fields), some are accountants, some are chemists, some have economics, finance and business management degrees. While some are architects, computer science graduates, or have chosen mass communications in their college years. The pool is plenty of fish swimming around waiting to be trapped in a net inclined to their true profession. True we lack in experience since most of the cadets are fresh graduates when they joined the company but as long as we are not given the chance to learn in the environment that could truly mold us into real engineers, or chemist, or computer scientist (etc.) we will never be chosen like the direct hires. We could never meet the standards a position requires, a position applied by the direct hires.

Just today, an email announces a new direct hired for the Quality and Standards Division, and I was thinking, does no one among cadets have the knowledge and talent for the position?

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