Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One Prayer Answered... Need To Pray Doubly Hard.

Good news... I got the Technical Assistant position...

The not so good news... the Management of Taguig is holding back my transfer.

Here's the story of the whole day (which was actually the whole day yesterday):
We had our team huddle first thing in the AM. And during the huddle my immediate boss clarified the issue of my intention to transfer at the main office. So I told him jokingly that there was no announcement about it but I'm crossing my fingers on it and told him that if I have to go, I'll go of course. And all through out the morning, he was always hinting on that.

Then I went to the main office for our project presentation. During that time, my batchmate texted me that I'll give them a despida, which I didn't entertain afraid of getting my hopes up. Then I have to call our office to talk to our collection manager. It was Bernie, a good friend and former teammate who answered, who was in panicked regarding the news (which was all over the Taguig office) that I would be transfered. I told Berns to wait for me at the office for things to be clarified...

Then Ma'am Ron, our OIC, texted me regarding the transfer. She was asking questions like what position did i apply for. Was the position offered or did I apply for it? and the final question was, "How much you want it?"

I texted her that I have to talk to her (to get things clarified) at the office and not in text.

So when I reached the Taguig office, I hurriedly went to the Boss and confessed the whole story... from day 1 (when I was invited to the main office one Friday of January) until today.

According to Ma'am Ron, she got the news just this mornign when Ms. Camela and Ms. Sharon (both from HR) approached her and told her that I need to report to the main office effective March 2, urgent. The urgency shook her of course considering that I have only less than 5 days at the office.

Her verdict: She personally doesn't want to release people from Taguig for the follwoing reasons:
1) The Taguig Office is under-manned right now. Some Territory Managers (TM, which is my level...) have 2 areas to be managed because of this.
2) There is lack of time for transition or turn-over of the area. Usually, it takes a 15 days to a month just to exposed a new TM in an area since we need to study the network of the pipeline, need to be introduced to the baranggays, homeowner officers, etc.,
3) I'm holding the biggest area in terms of demand because most of my accounts are government and big corporations. So the area is critical.
4) On Mar 10, 2009 and Apr 10 are management presentation which is very critical for the BA because this is when we present our targets and have them approved. All the directors and even the president of the company is going to attend.

Even though I have informed Ma'am Ron how much I wanted the position, it seems I can't be released!!! Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was crying about this last night... thinking of what to do just to have a win-win solution...

I understand Ma'am Ron and the Taguig's situation but I can't seem to swallow the thought that just because of that my growth is hampered.

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~leenka~ said...

Reg, I am sooooo happy for you that you got the position! Pero tani indi ka nila pag-ihold back.. ask your new boss if you could stay sa Taguig for 15 days anay and tell your current boss that you'll agree to transition everything in 15 days.. chansa mo na ini, tapos harangan ka nila.. ano na ya man?