Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sipalay At Last

Diane and Bebe are back from the States. I'm home for the weekend from the stress of Manila. Ads planned out the whole thing way way back it only materialized now.

It wasn't a breeze going there. Issues have came up before all of us agreed to go. The early call time was also a highlight of the trip. On top of that is the radiator's leak which cause us stranded in the middle of nowhere (hehehe!! I just could not remember where) and me hording on cheesedogs out of boredom while waiting for our rescue.

But seeing the resort and the food that Ads had prepared for us had made all the struggles worth it. But we were not spared when we reached Sipalay. While going boating and island hoping, tides are high that we can't even go near the islets and the caves for pic taking. And going back to the resort, we were showered by heavy rains...

But the trip is the most memorable since it is the first out of town trip I had with my friends. We just don't have the time before... been busy with school, we only seem to be fine with just get-togethers over some beers at Boy's or coffee at Cafe Bob's which is followed by a whole lot... =)

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