Monday, December 08, 2008

One More Long Weekend

I am blessed of another long weekend, having an extra day off for self. =)

Saturday was spent with the Lord as I attended "The Lord's Day" celebration of SFC. I have so much fun with the group. Food was great and splendid and performances are very enjoyable... My team even won a game, the only game in the party. The best part of it all is the praises and worship, it is like conversing to the Lord alone. I don't know, that is what I always feel.

I went to work Sunday. It is not actually work perse... I just went to Taguig for the Global City Fun Run since the event is to be held in my area. We are giving water through tankering to the participants of the run. Bad thing was, the event starts at 6AM and I went home super late due to the SFC party thus I woke up pretty late too. If not for Bernie calling my 2 phones, I haven't gotten out of bed. I arrived at Taguig 8AM with the event being over. =(

So I just went home to prepare for my, ahem, self proclaimed other half, Manny Pacquioa's fight. Poor as we are, we settled ourselves to a very small tube. Can't even get a better glimpse of my Manny! Hays.... and I wasn't able to finish watching the match. I left by 5th round to catch on a play at UP.

As I've said, went to UP to meet up with Kat and watch the production of Dulaang UP, Atang. Superb play. I'll make a better review in a separate blog since it deserves one. Afterwich, Kat and I went to SM North to find a blue blouse/top for the BA's Christmas party. Kat was also searching for a newsboy cap for her own company Christmas celebration. Ellainne met up with us and had dinner at Kenny Rogers before we all said goodbyes to each other and separate ways.

I had an extra free day today. It is Taguig City Day so we've got no work. But I wasn't out of the house, I just did my pending laundry and was browsing at the internet all day just watching movies and tv series.

Now I'm reading Twilight. I remembered that Sis Icile sent me electronic copies of the four books... So I better play Santa to myself and feed my curiousity with the intriguing Edward Cullen. Sadly, I'll settle with reading it from my laptop until someone will give me a copy of it either in paperback or hardbound. But I prefer the latter, hehehe!

Straight non-stop typing what's in my head... :P

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