Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hep Hep Hooray for the Taguig BA

So far, last week was the most hectic at the office. Everyone seems to be running to and fro to get things done and on top of the chaos, we celebrated our Christmas Party to strengthen camaraderie among the employees and contractors of TPat. Along with that it is our time to be thankful for the wonderful year that we have worked for.

Last December 9, we had a Christmas Party with my colleagues at TPat BA. It was actually a not so planned party as our target schedule for the party is on the 11th... but the management have other commitments for that night that they have to move our party so that they could attend to both. Since there was a memo from the main office that there would be no liquour in the office premises, we brought the celebration at Napindan in West Rembo, Makati.

Just like last year, TPat was divided by team color according to what business one we are part of. This year, we are assigned blue (that's the best color of Manila Water in terms of performance). Business operation is still ongoing despite the Christmas party in the afternoon. After coming back from fieldwork, I found my team worried since we are to perform a cheer for the party and still we haven't cooked anything yet. All the other teams were already practicing theirs.

Good thing most of our team members were there, from TMs, meter readers, field assistants, collection support, etc., to put in all our best and wackiest efforts to come up with the cheer. We then transferred to Napindan as we are the last team to leave the office due to the on the last minute brainstorming. As soon as we arrived, we hurriedly took our positions at the back to secretly practice our cheer while we add the fitting choreo. Come the cheering competition, we brought home the first prize!!!

The party proceeded to eating the catered dinner. While the hosts tried their best to keep the program lively. It was actually disastrous since there was no program so they didn't know what to do the next....Hays!!! Good thing Sir Darwin grabbed the mic and started the games with Hep Hep Hooray which started all the fun!!! More games followed which spiced the party a bit. Then came Sir RDA, our Business Group Director who joined in the party which even gave a whole laugh to our party as he gave us his wackiest at Paint Me a Scene game.

Raffled cash and gifts added to the anticipation of those present. I for one is very eager to hear my phone ring. We put in all our celphone numbers which is our entry to the raffle. Then during the raffle, the hosts will miss call the winner... poor thing if you have an empty battery or you don't have signal...hehehe!!! But I wasn't able to bag anything from the draw. Good thing Sir Bob gave out his rewards for the AR reduction... Ahem! Ahem!! I was one of the top performers in AR reduction!!! Weeehhhh!!!

This year was quite different. Maybe the party was a bit unplanned... "parang minadali"... we are not at our own vicinity, the party was not exclusive to the employees, but despite all that, I think the party served its purpose... that we would enjoy each other's company, get to share our blessings to others... This year was quite a pain for Taguig BA, many has gone and transferred... but for that night, they have come home to celebrate. Despite the bad numbers for the year, there are still reasons for celebrating... afterall, there are a lot of lessons and experienced gained. =)

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