Tuesday, December 16, 2008

EK High

I didn't regret going. Thanks to Chase for organizing this gimick for the TPat Cadets we were able to release all the tension and forget about the demands and problems we have with work. It is unlikely of Chase really... since he doesn't really go out and attend to whatever activity we have at the office... he misses Christmas parties and Summer outings so I was up to joining the group as this may never happen again... it was after all Chase. wahaha!!

We met up at Market! Market! at 1PM... despite being almost late, I still pursued dropping by Mercury to get a tablet of Bonamine to control dizziness which I always have when riding attractions at theme parks. When I met up with the group I was greeted with the question of whether I packed with me some extra clothes... which I don't have... So Chase, in his true nature, bombard me with how silly I was for not bringing anything inspite knowing that we would get wet with the rides... so much for the encouragement to buy new clothes... hmmm but then, I'm sure glad that this is still Chase that I know... wahahah!!!

So after going through the mall for the last minute shopping, we loaded three cars (Carlo, Chase and Ferdi, na ngayon ko lang nakilala kasi wala na siya sa Manila Water bago pa dumating ang batch 15) and raced our way to Enchanted Kingdom. We dropped by SLEX to meet up with the other group and we finally set foot at the front of EK by 2:30PM. Out came the money for the tickets... and Mr Organizer, Chase, took incharge of going in queue and buying the tickets and calling other cadets of where they are... so responsible!!! Wahahah!!!

When we entered the place we were so eager to get a group picture and then proceed in groups to wherever ride that is enjoyable and of course challenging... we have to be divided since 3 of our co-cadets have their kids (ages 4-6yrs old) with them. The kids have only limited rides.

It was a blast. Got the feel of the heights at the Flying Fiesta. Then we were in line to see the role-play video at Realto while eating 3 flavors of cotton candy. Dodgem (bump cars) was great for individual game of racing and just bumping our rides with one another. It was actually my first to take the wheel at a bump car when usually I'm just a passenger. And then everyone was up to the challenging and the most dreadful Space Shuttle!!! Yikes!!! If not being with them, I might chicken out. I've tried the shuttle and after going through it I wasn't able to enjoy EK because I was not feeling well. So I guess, my Bonamine will do its part here. What was so bad was that I went with the guys, Ferdi being my partner. We were with Lawrence and John who were very eager to ride at the backmost of the Shuttle. And surely it was a thrill and I can't quite fathom until now how I endured such a ride... it was a minute of hell afterwhich I don't have anymore energy to stand let alone pull my seat lock so I can move out of my seat. Wahaha!!! I was a little dizzy while walking but after a while, the ground was steady and I was up to the next ride.

I don't know but everyone seemed to find their way to the Rio Grande Rapids... we don't have cellphone with us but we have converge at the vicinity of the wet and wild ride and then were in line to get our chance of the experience. We divided the group into 2, with seven members each at one rapids boat. It was such a bliss actually...we were with Sophie, Chase's daughter who had a bit of a laugh because of a dose of the much awaited shower... bad thing was getting all wet from 3/4 of your body down. And worse getting 4 of the members wet, among them is you!!!! So I was actually freeing cold when I was out of rapids... After the rapids we grabbed something to eat just to fill our hungry stomachs. Our next attraction is SRRX(Shake Rattle and Roll X), a haunted house worth 50Php... It was actually funny because we are all afraid or just pretending to have the guts to be in that house.... Entering, we were all holding each other promising we will not let go whatever happens inside... Leading the pack was Jalil, then Tina followed with Ferdi and I next. Then Chris and Rolly was next to me, then Bles and Cons. Carlo and Di who we thought are following us didn't enter SRRX. I guess Di chickened out since she doesn't really fancy horror houses.

Since we are still wet and it was so cold, we headed to Jungle Log Jam... and it was such a hell too!!! It was my first so I didn't know what to expect. Going up is such a crazy agony.... I bet I have called on to God or to my mother to pull me out of that log ride and save me. And while doing that, Ferdi was laughing at me!!!! I think hedious spells Jungle Log... Shuttle is way better, I think since you are locked at your seat at Shuttle, with Jungle Log, you'll be clinging to the log to save yourself!

After eating and watching the fireworks display, we decided to enjoy one last final ride and join those leaving at closing time...where else is the culminating ride but the grand and stunning Wheel of Fate. Funny thing is... after lining up for almost 20 or so minutes, i had the urge to pee. Remember I have wet pants from the Rapids and the Log jam and cold air is enveloping us that night, on top of the fact that I gulped a large iced tea during dinner. What else would by body do??? So we were almost there, but the urge is as strong as my want to be in that ride. So I let go of the idea, but before leaving, I have my pic taken in one of the cart and then rushed towards the exit to find my way to the nearest CR. Hehehe!!!

It was closing time when we went out. Some of our officemates went ahead. What was amazing was that Chase really waited for us. So responsible!!! Wahahah!!! I think it has been 30 minutes or since we received his text that they'll be at his car at he parking lot. We were lining up for Wheel of Fate then...sinulit talaga namin!!!! We didn't change clothes anymore since we are half dried. We hitched a ride with Ferdi and then raced our way back to Taguig. I went with Ferdi to Cubao so that I could easily ride a jeep home. The guy's a non-stop talker... wahahah!!! Nakakaaliw! Ubos antok!

This EK trip was a total blast. It was tiring, cold but very enjoyable. Sa uulitin!!!! Sana makapag-Anchor's Away!


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