Saturday, June 06, 2009


Yesterday, I started the day at UP. Went to finally pay my tuition fee (ouch!!!)and be an official Iskolar ng Bayan again. Got a go signal from (ever-supportive) Frank, I was with Jovert and the rest of the students who are cramming on the last day of Registration. I was seated next to an undergrad who's Form 5 spells a P24k+ tuition... A whut???? Is UP an institution for the poor??? When I left UP in 2006, that was already the issue: tuition fee hike due to lack of funds granted by the government. From a 300Php/unit for the undergrad, it will rise to 1000Php/unit. While for the graduate school, it will be from P500/unit to 1500/unit. I was even protesting against it thinking of the future when I will come back to UP to take my Masters and will suffer the consequences of the hike. Talk about selfish acts.. hehehe!!!

Now, the future is here. I am suffering. And I am envious of Jovert who's tuition for his Masters at SURP is still at the Php500/unit rate. Grrr!!!!

But then, it is too late to be angsty... and I always have that option to not go back... be contented on with the education I got from UP and depend on the experience future will bring me. But the yearning to fulfill long time dreams (and plans) is always there, getting strong, all the time. So I said goodbye to more than P12k, just like that, and start school next week.


Rain has been crazy... no typhoons, no storms, whatsoever but it has been raining since 2 weekends ago. Not good!!! Business for the company has been bad lately... Ops-wise, there are more shutdown of plants because of brown-outs, more chemicals to dose since water quality is not good, and the La Mesa Dam has been on yellow alert, it has been overflowing for 3 days now. Hope the rain goes away soooooonnn!!!!


Just got it from the UP website, classes will be moved on Jun 16! Weeeh!!! I could still have a long weekend for myself before I start school and spend my Saturdays in a lab class. But the thing is, I don't know where to go exactly... I want to go to the beach.. just lay there in my swimming attire and just get sun baked skin (it is not as if I don't have dark skin already)...but really, I just want to waste time in a beach shore, with the waves at my feet, from sunrise till the sun meets the earth.

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