Monday, June 29, 2009

Dreaming, Dreamt and Everything in the Middle

The film has been rolling…the lights are on, a guy and a woman actor is doing their scene waiting for the director to call “Cut!” I was among those PAs, a towel on my left shoulder, a cold mineral water in my right hand and a bag of mixed clothes and make-up in another. I was waiting for Frank to come out and do his lines but he wasn’t there. I heard the director say, “Cut!” I rushed towards the crew’s side of the lounge looking for the producer’s assistant. Two other people came and rushed towards him, while the latter was busy barging orders. I was quite afraid to ask, seeing how busy he was. But I got to know.

“Why is Frank not doing the scene?", I asked.

“Frank who?”


“Frank?! Oh, the white guy! He’s over. And the show’s gonna be finish by next week anyway so we have to cut on the actors.”

And I felt a pull by my right sleeve and I was dragged to reality. It is 10:15 AM. I have been dreaming the second time.

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